CleanMyMac 3 is gearing up for High Sierra

WWDC is essentially Christmas for Mac developers: we get to play with the new macOS, goggle at new gadgets, and tie all that goodness into our apps. This year was no different. As soon as macOS High Sierra was announced, we got our hands on a developer beta and started working on a compatible CleanMyMac 3 right there in the halls of WWDC.

Everything looks great, so we’ll roll out the beta version as soon as the public beta of macOS High Sierra 10.13 is out. And in the autumn, when Apple officially launches the new system, you’ll get a fully equipped cleaner for it. Just like in High Sierra, most of the fine-tuning in CleanMyMac 3 will happen under the hood, so you won’t notice any changes. Stay subscribed for more news and thank you for using CleanMyMac 3!