MacPaw’s Operations amidst the Russian Aggression against Ukraine

Being humans of the 21st century, we all wish that the tragic days of war were a thing of the past. However, now again, with the Russian aggression against Ukraine, we’re witnesses to how easily freedom, independence, and the human right to life and choice are put on the line.

MacPaw was founded and operated primarily in Kyiv, Ukraine. For us, the security of our team members is paramount. We've prepared various assistance programs and launched an emergency plan to ensure the safety of our peers based in Ukraine.

Oleksandr Kosovan, Founder and CEO of MacPaw on the current situation in Ukraine: 

What does this situation mean for our users?

With regards to the use of our products – nothing. We at MacPaw have been preparing for these circumstances and were already mainly working remotely to ensure no disruptions in the support and development of our products.

We’ve been enjoying working for you all these years and appreciate all the trust you've put into our company. We won't disappoint your expectations.

Although our office is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, we securely host all of our infrastructure and user data on Amazon Web Services. The cloud service server's physical location is outside Ukraine.

You can find more information on how MacPaw collects and stores user data in the company's Privacy Policy.

Paddle, the payment provider MacPaw works with, operates from the United Kingdom. The company treats user payment details with great care and complies with world data privacy and security standards.

You can find more information on how Paddle collects and processes data in Paddle's Privacy Policy.

So in our day-to-day operations, nothing is going to change for you. MacPaw products will continue to work flawlessly and receive timely updates. Our support team will keep responding to all your messages.

We want to say thank you for all the incredible messages of support you've sent our way. Our team at MacPaw is staying calm, focused, and optimistic for a peaceful future of independent Ukraine.

Stand with Ukraine

When the invasion started, MacPaw joined the efforts to help Ukraine immediately. Aside from donating funds and volunteering on-site, we're providing all media personnel covering the war with a free year of CleanMyMac.

There's also a special free shortcut #StandWithUkraine in ClearVPN to help spread truthful info about the invasion and free access to ClearVPN for all Ukrainians via the e-governance app Diia. Our Setapp vendors who want to support Ukraine can now contribute part or all of their monthly revenue to the army or humanitarian aid.

We have also decided to stop selling MacPaw products to users from Russia and Belarus and sent the funds collected from these markets to support the Ukrainian army.

However, there is never enough help. So if you want to contribute, here's how you can do that.

MacPaw Foundation

MacPaw Foundation is a corporate charitable fund, established to implement social and charity projects of MacPaw company and its founder Oleksandr Kosovan. Since 2016, the Foundation has implemented dozens of social projects in 8 priority directions.

Due to our commitment to the declared total resistance, we shifted our focus. MacPaw Foundation intends to help save the lives of Ukrainian defenders.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, MacPaw Foundation has used its unique technological expertise to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with non-lethal help:

  • technical equipment
  • tactical medicine
  • protective gear

As well as much-needed assistance to the civilian population and animal shelters in the war-affected regions, which MacPaw Foundation provides by cause.

"MacPaw envisions a future where technology empowers human life. During the full-scale war that Russia has launched against Ukraine, it’s important to use all opportunities to bring Ukraine's victory closer. We use technology. We provide our defenders and the civilians with technologies that help save lives," — Oleksandr Kosovan, founder and CEO of MacPaw.

As of now, MacPaw company has donated over $5,5 mln to help Ukrainians. Of this amount, up to $800 000 were donated to the Foundation by active users of MacPaw products and Ukraine supporters.

If it's important to you that every bit of your assistance reaches people in need as soon as possible, local nonprofits are the answer.

Help us protect those who protect us. Donate to MacPaw Foundation.

Support Ukrainian Army

Protecting citizens requires lots of provision and resources. We at MacPaw are donating and helping with everything we can, but help in such cases is never enough. You can help the Ukrainian army by donating to a bank account set up by the National Bank of Ukraine or an NGO that supports the military and territorial defense forces.

Donate to humanitarian initiatives

Since the beginning of Russia's invasion, the number of Ukrainians who fled the country has exceeded 7,5 million. 8 million people had been displaced within the country. You can donate funds or help by providing medicine, blankets, food packs, and other necessities.

Follow and use the #StandWithUkraine hashtag on your social media to indicate your support and drive the world’s attention to the cause.