MacPaw's commitment to Ukraine: How a tech company is making a positive impact on the lives of Ukrainians

As we mark the second year of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, we find ourselves reflecting not just on the challenges faced but on the remarkable resilience and solidarity that have defined our response. In these historic times, the question of Ukraine's future looms large. Yet, despite such uncertainties, Ukrainian tech companies, including MacPaw, have not just endured but have innovated, adapted, and thrived.

The last year has been particularly testing for tech companies in Ukraine. The volatile economic climate, heightened cybersecurity threats, and constrained access to capital have all posed significant hurdles. Ukrainian entrepreneurs and companies like MacPaw have responded by launching initiatives to improve Ukraine's investment appeal amid the war, while continuing working, driving change, and supporting Ukraine.

Two years on from our initial commitment to stand with Ukrainians against russian aggression, we at MacPaw have redoubled our efforts. MacPaw Foundation is running a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to make a positive impact. From humanitarian assistance and support for Ukrainian defenders to fostering educational opportunities and promoting inclusivity, our actions have made a meaningful difference in the lives of many Ukrainians.

A snapshot of MacPaw Foundation’s impact

  • $9+ million donated to charity and aid procurement
  • $900 000+ raised from MacPaw customers and supporters in community donations
  • $30 000 monthly donations to Come Back Alive
  • $9 259 raised via Bathtub Creative campaign
  • 800+ humanitarian packages delivered to the liberated Kherson region
  • Emergency response to the Sirius Animal Shelter after the destruction of Kakhovka Dam
  • Humanitarian aid support to the locals following the destruction of Kakhovka Dam
  • 2 medical evacuation vehicles donated to paramedics to transport injured defenders from the frontline

MacPaw’s contributions in detail

Supporting Ukrainian defenders

MacPaw Foundation has donated over $9 million to support Ukrainian defenders and civilians alike. From tactical medicine and protective gear to non-lethal technical equipment, our foundation has been a pillar of support for those defending our country.

Other contributions in this area include:

  • Assistance for mobilized team members and their families
  • Donations to life-saving Ukrainian volunteers
  • Purchase and donations of two medvacs (specialized vehicles for medical evacuation) to help transport injured defenders from the frontline

Institutional support of Come Back Alive

Since November 2022, MacPaw has been donating $30,000 monthly to Come Back Alive foundation to support its operations.

MacPaw’s targeted charitable assistance to Come Back Alive covers administrative expenses — salaries, rent of offices in Kyiv and regions, as well as rent of a warehouse where the largest aid items for the Armed Forces of Ukraine are stored.

Humanitarian aid and emergency response

We’ve provided over 800 assistance packages to the people of Kherson region after it was heroically liberated in November 2022.

After the russians blew up the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant dam in June 2023, MacPaw Foundation extended its humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected. Right after the tragedy, volunteers from MacPaw's team provided immediate assistance to the local community affected by this humanitarian disaster. We have provided essential items, hygiene kits, clothes, water filters, and medicines.

Boosting Ukrainians’ cybersecurity

The invasion brought the issue of cybersecurity and privacy to the forefront. MacPaw's ClearVPN and SpyBuster have been instrumental in ensuring the safety and privacy of Ukrainians, particularly those in occupied territories, by providing secure internet connections and detecting unwanted surveillance efforts.

Free VPN for all Ukrainians

In March 2023, we launched ClearVPN 2, making our reinvented VPN solution more accessible than ever before. The app’s premium version remains free for Ukrainians worldwide and requires no extra tech skills, so that all Ukrainians can have unrestricted access to trusted information. Moreover, ClearVPN 2 works on all devices, including macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows, further broadening the number of people who can use it.

It has a strict no-logs policy and industry-grade encryption protocols to ensure private and secure connection. The app upholds user privacy by design, never storing, sharing, or even collecting users' online activity, IP address, and other personal info. By consciously avoiding servers in privacy-compromised regions – russia, belarus, Iran, and China – ClearVPN 2 upholds MacPaw’s commitment to safe, ethical internet usage.

Free anti-spyware tool

In response to the escalating cybersecurity threats following the invasion, MacPaw swiftly introduced SpyBuster. This free on-device anti-spyware app, launched just a month into the full-scale war, helps Ukrainians protect their data. It identifies and flags apps and web connections linked to unwanted servers in russia and belarus.

Initially available for macOS in March 2022, SpyBuster has become more accessible and even more powerful this year. We’ve launched a Chrome extension that alerts suspicious website connections; integrated SpyBuster’s static analysis functionality into CleanMyMac X, and extended protection to mobile with an iOS app.

Restoring access to education and fostering innovation

We believe that education and innovation are crucial to creating a better future for Ukraine. To that end, we've contributed resources and equipment to schools in severely war-affected areas.

We’ve also supported savEd – a charitable foundation restoring children’s access to education. Together, we’re setting up technologically advanced DIY labs for students in the Kyiv and Mykolaiv regions. These facilities will provide students with top-notch resources and technical support to enhance their STEM skills, explore the wonders of science, and embark on exciting research projects.

Following the “build back better” approach, these educational initiatives are part of our broader vision for a resilient and innovative Ukraine.

Promoting inclusion and accessibility

MacPaw and Mastercard supported the launch of the Inclusive car class by a Ukrainian ride-hailing service Uklon, enhancing mobility for wheelchair users. Our foundation sponsored two vehicles equipped with a hydraulic lift, safety belts and fasteners for wheelchairs.

To ensure flawless service, drivers were trained by Dostupno.UA on assisting passengers with mobility disabilities. The training, held at the wheelchair-friendly MacPaw Space, reflects our shared commitment with Dostupno.UA to accessibility and equal opportunities.

In these difficult times, normalizing disability is extremely important. It’s not just about infrastructure—it’s about treating those injured during shelling or wounded on the battlefield with dignity. We hope to see many more projects in this area soon. And we are ready to lend a hand.

MacPaw’s ongoing commitment

​​MacPaw is honored to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to Ukraine and its people on this solemn occasion. Our CSR initiatives have focused on providing humanitarian assistance, supporting Ukrainian defenders, promoting education and innovation, and fostering a culture of inclusion.

To everyone who is standing with Ukraine, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your support empowers us to do more. We will continue to work closely with local communities, charities, and Ukrainian government to provide assistance and support, and remain committed to building a strong, prosperous, and independent nation.