The CleanMyMac X award series continues: The Corporate Content Award is ours

The end of 2020 brought us a couple of reasons to feel happy. One of them came in an official envelope from Corporate Content Awards. We’ve learned that CleanMyMac X has won a bronze nomination for our social responsibility campaign called “The revenge of the junk.” Since its launch in 2019, the campaign has been flying pretty virally around the web and here they come: the shiny medals and sparks of fame. We love those.

Our winning nomination is called “Best content targeted to the CSR community”. It celebrates Corporate Social Responsibility, which really resonates with what CleanMyMac X does: we try to minimize the amount of junk on this planet. If you haven’t watched it, “The revenge of the junk” video features a human figure made out of junk that chases people around the streets. In such a way, we tried to stop people from littering, and given the sheer number of views and shares it got, the award is well-deserved.

Watch the video below.

But there were things that went beyond a mere prank. The whole idea was to popularize a city cleanup initiative called #CleanMyCity. Along with other Ukrainian companies, we’ve been urging people to go out and collect junk in their neighborhood. Some 17 tons of garbage were cleaned. And you can join in too by visiting the campaign page.

Among other winners are heavyweight companies like Shutterstock, Cisco, and Mondelēz, so standing on the winning podium next to them makes us doubly proud. After all, CleanMyMac X is only a computer app so making even a little difference in the real world is worth striving for.

To quote the official award statement, CleanMyMac X and MacPaw have been distinguished for “the strategic thought behind the work; the problem solving, the insight, the communications solutions.” Well...Amen.

This award wouldn’t have happened without the help from BangBang Production. They are super talented video production crew who defy all laws of nature, like their ability to bring a pile of junk to life.

All the same campaign also won a Shorty Social Good Award and just recently became a finalist in the Content Marketing Awards. We attribute this to a simple reason: all of us humans feel that cleaning is essential, no matter what area. It’s a mission and a powerful metaphor. Now we know that cleaning also makes a fascinating content to watch.