Top 10 Christmas gifts for tech lovers

Winter holidays are just around the corner, and you need to get a gift for your friend who’s into tech? But what if you’re not? No worries, we’ve done some research among our geek squads and are glad to help you with the list of 10 Christmas gifts for tech guys they’ll definitely love.

Notice: some of the gifts are digital subscriptions or gift cards. If you’re running short on time and don’t think Amazon will be able to deliver the orders before Christmas, take a closer look at them. You’ll have them as soon as you pay for them, so there’s no need to worry about shipping.

Best Gifts for Tech Guys Who Are Into Gaming

Wireless Xbox Gamepad

Besides the love for hardware and software, most geeks also like playing video games. If your friend is a PC gamer, you can gift them with a Wireless Xbox Gamepad. It’s compatible with most computer games, and it’ll allow your giftee to experience their favorite game in a new (not mouse&keyboard) way. Buy a Wireless Xbox Gamepad here.

Xbox Game Pass

Computer games are great gifts for tech guys, but instead of buying a single video game, get them an Xbox Game Pass. It’s a digital subscription that provides access to a continuously-growing library of high-quality PC and Xbox games. With a Game Pass, your friend can install and play as many games as they want. Get the Pass, and don’t worry — your friend will definitely find a great game there.

Gifts for Smart Home Fans

Apple Homepod Mini

Besides being an awesome speaker that gets all the beats, Apple Homepod Mini is small, smart, and compatible with your friend’s smart home’s accessories. And, it has Siri, which will answer all their geeky questions and remind them of all the meetings and appointments for the day. Get Apple Homepod Mini here.

Gifts for Music Lovers

Noise-canceling headphones

Your geek friend loves listening to music while working and doesn’t like to be disturbed? Get Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones for them. They cancel out all the outside sounds, so your friend can focus on what’s important, whether it’s getting the job done or just enjoy the songs. Get them here.

Spotify Gift Card

A Spotify Gift Card is the best gift for a music lover. It’s 100% digital and will be delivered right into your inbox. After the giftee redeems it, they’ll have access to Spotify Premium with a library of over 50 million songs and close to 1 million podcasts in high quality. Purchase a Spotify gift card here.

Gifts for Security Enthusiasts


Techies don’t usually have enough time to clean their own place, so what can be said about their Mac? Luckily, there’s CleanMyMac X, an app that cleans megatons of junk and makes their computer run faster. CleanMyMac also has a cool feature your friend will love — Space Lens. It analyzes their entire disk storage and visualizes it in a smart map that shows where all the heavy folders and files are. Get CleanMyMac X here.


A VPN is a must for a modern technology that is becoming indispensable for those who value online privacy. ClearVPN is an effortless VPN solution available for all popular platforms — Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. ClearVPN will protect your friend’s personal data with the strongest encryption, secure their torrenting and online gaming. But that's not all! ClearVPN users can expand their Netflix library with new shows that are not available on US Netflix, and, if they live outside the States, unlock American streaming services, like the HBO Max. Get ClearVPN.

Gifts for Binge-Watchers

HBO Max Subscription

HBO Max a streaming service from HBO that has tons of titles your giftee will love. If your friend or partner is into comics, they’ll get a present from HBO Max on Christmas — the subscription will let them stream the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984, which will be released on the service on December 25, 2020. Get an HBO Max subscription for your friend here. In case this gift is for the person located outside the US, ClearVPN will allow accessing HBO Max easily. 

Gifts for Tech Geeks

Raspberry Pi 4 & Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

The Raspberry Pi tiny computers are the best gifts for tech guys. We recommend Raspberry Pi 4, as it’s the most recent and versatile version. Just like a Lego constructor, a Pi can be turned into all kinds of things. A smart home processor, a movement detector, or just about anything your friend comes up with. We also recommend getting a Starter Kit for it, which has many electronics that can be used together with Raspberry Pi to create even cooler projects. You can buy the Raspberry Pi here.

Tile Mate Tracker

Tech guys are often too overwhelmed with thinking about complicated stuff and forget where their things are. That’s when Tile Mate trackers come in handy. Your friend can attach them to anything they feel is important — and find it with the help of the Tile app on their smartphone. Just be sure to recommend your friend to put a tracker on the smartphone — just in case it gets lost too. Find Tile Mate Trackers here.