Compatibility with Apple silicon (M1, M2) and Intel platforms

CleanMyMac X natively supports the Apple silicon M1 and M2 chips.

The app does not use the Rosetta interpreter but works with the Apple processors directly, using their ultra-efficient architecture to full extent. As a result, CleanMyMac X operates way faster and uses less energy on M1 and M2 than on the Intel processors.

Moreover, if you’re using a Mac with Apple silicon, CleanMyMac X allows you to remove Intel binaries in order to save space on your hard drive.

At the same time, CleanMyMac X works perfectly with Intel chips.

The universal macOS binary, used in CleanMyMac X, makes the app compatible with both Intel-based and ARM (Apple silicon) architectures. When you download CleanMyMac X, the code, suitable for your processor, is executed on your Mac automatically. In other words, you don’t need a separate installer for Intel or Apple processors — one CleanMyMac X fits them all.

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