"Extremely easy to use cleaning tool for your Mac. Overall, it was an easy way to get rid of junk on my computer."
MacWorld, 2012
Clean Up Your Mac
CleanMyMac Classic makes cleaning your Mac is easy. It scans for junk files on your Mac, including outdated caches and logs, foreign language packs, other unnecessary files. After scanning, it selects only the files that are safe to delete. With CleanMyMac Classic, you always remove the right files.
Speed Up Your Mac
Unnecessary files not only take up space on your Mac, but also consume resources and make it run slower. When you clean this junk from your Mac with CleanMyMac Classic, you can improve your Mac’s efficiency, decrease the time it takes to launch, and add significant speed.
Uninstall Your Mac Apps
When you drag an application to the Trash, you only remove parts and pieces of the app. CleanMyMac Classic removes the application and all of its associated files. It doesn’t leave behind leftover parts and pieces from apps like trashing an app does — it completely uninstalls them.
Main Features
User & System Caches
Clean them up to help your apps run more smoothly.
Universal Binaries
Get rid of support packs for other Mac models.
Correctly Uninstall Apps
Delete the application and all its associated files.
Language Files
Remove localization files for languages you don’t speak.
User & System Logs
Clean up unnecessary logs that waste important disk space.
Manage Extensions
Remove, disable, or reset your add-ons, plugins, and extensions.
System Junk
Clean up useless system files that are taking up hard drive space.
Clean Out All Trashes
Empty your Mac trashes, including app-specific trashes.
Securely Erase Files
Erase files without leaving any pieces of them on your Mac.
CleanMyMac Classic speaks
Português do Brasil
CleanMyMac Classic
The safest and fastest system cleanup. Ever.
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System requirements:
For OS X 10.4 to 10.8
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