7 free Instagram post templates you can use on your iPhone

Want to make posting to Instagram quicker and easier? Using Instagram post templates will streamline your posting process and give your Instagram feed a more cohesive look. Hundreds of free Instagram templates are available across dozens of iPhone apps. Instead of sorting through them all, check out our top picks for the best Instagram post templates available right now. The best part? The following Instagram post makers are completely free. 

What are Instagram post templates?

Instagram started as a place to post beautiful photos to your personal Instagram feed and share them with your followers. As the platform grew from thousands to millions of users, it became harder and harder to stand out as a unique creator.  

Instagram post templates are mockups that incorporate a variety of design elements like text, borders, and graphics so that all you have to do is add your photos, captions, and hashtags to create gorgeous Instagram posts that will work with your theme and overall image. 

Experimenting with different Instagram post templates means lots of extra photos on your iPhone. Use an app like Gemini Photos to find and delete those similar photos, as well as old screenshots, blurry pics, and other clutter.

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The best Instagram templates you can use for free

  1. Positivity Hack from Canva
  2. Seasonal templates from Adobe Spark Post
  3. Ripl video templates
  4. Quote templates from Quotes Creator
  5. Collage templates from PICFY
  6. Magazine collages from Fotor
  7. StoryLuxe film frames for Instagram

1. Positivity Hack: An Instagram frame template in Canva

Canva is a free iPhone app with hundreds of Instagram post templates that can be altered and edited to fit your unique needs. The Positivity Hack template adds a feminine and artistic flair to your posts, and lets you use two photos as well as a variety of color and text options. 

With all of Canva’s custom templates, you have unlimited options for making them your own. The free app has numerous templates to work with, and Canva Pro, which costs $12.99 per month has hundreds more, plus free stock photos you can use in your posts. 

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2. Seasonal templates: Instagram post mockups on Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post divides templates into categories so they are easy to find and use. Their great selection of custom fonts, effects, and colors makes Adobe Spark the perfect design app for people who aren’t actually designers. The seasonal templates are perfect for holidays, food 

photos, and other events you may want to highlight throughout the year. 

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Short video templates: Stand out on Instagram with videos from Ripl

Did you know you can upload 3 to 60-second videos as Instagram posts? If your followers respond well to custom videos, this is a great way to stand out from other content creators on Instagram. 

Video templates on Ripl are short, snappy, and beautiful, plus you can add custom text, colors, and music to match the theme of your Instagram feed. Many of the templates available on Ripl are completely free. Others require a premium subscription.

Ripl on the App Store

Custom quote templates: Turn quotes into posts with Quotes Creator

If you’ve ever wanted to share beautiful quotes with your Instagram followers, but weren’t sure where to begin, Quotes Creator is for you. This simple app takes a striking background and combines it with beautiful fonts to create quick Instagram posts that will show off quotes or other word-centric posts. Many of the quote templates are free, and there are even more available as in-app purchases. All free templates include a Quotes Creator watermark.

Quotes Creator on the App Store

Collage templates: Create custom Instagram grid posts with PICFY

Sometimes you just need to post more than one photo in a single Instagram post. If highlighting a story or event with a custom collage is your goal, you can’t beat PICFY for all their great collage, border, and color options. 

The app is free and easy to use. You tap Collage and choose up to 9 photos to highlight in your Instagram post. Then you choose the perfect border and colors to make your photos pop. PICFY has lots of free options available, but if you enjoy using the app, consider purchasing PICFY Pro, which opens up all kinds of fun templates that you won’t find anywhere else. 

PICFY on the App Store

Magazine templates: Collages with a twist from Fotor

Fotor is an Instagram post design tool and photo editor in one. The free app lets you choose from a variety of classic collage templates or a package of eye-popping magazine templates. 

The magazine templates work with up to 9 photos at a time, and together they allow you to create dozens of different posts with the same overarching theme. The magazine templates are the only package of free templates available on Fotor, but there are dozens more available as in-app purchases. 

Fotor on the App Store

Film frame templates: Instagram posts frames from StoryLuxe

At its core, StoryLuxe is an Instagram Stories app, but it offers most of its unique templates in two sizes, 9:16 for Insta Stories and 4:5 for Instagram portrait posts. While these templates don’t fit the traditional square post that Instagram is famous for, they allow you to post eclectic portrait-style posts that will fill more of the frame in your Instagram feed. 

The film templates take the traditional look of film negatives and add them to the border of your photos. This is a great collection for black and white or vintage photography.

StoryLuxe on the App Store

If your Instagram game is starting to get a little stale, why not try some of these unique Instagram post templates to help you get back on track? Not only will templates make your life easier, but they’re also a sure way to make your Instagram feed stand out from the rest. And if you're looking for more ways to spruce up your feed, try adding white borders to your Instagram photos. Happy Instagramming!

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