How to find and set up your perfect Instagram profile picture

While it may seem like a small and insignificant thing, your Instagram profile photo is actually really important. That’s how followers who don’t know you in person “see” you, so be sure that your Insta profile pic represents who you really are, or at least how you want to be seen. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best Instagram profile picture.

Tips for the best Instagram profile picture

Your profile photo is the icon that represents you on Instagram, and while it may be small, it’s still a great little space for you to shine. Here’s how you can make every pixel count.

It should be you

This should go without saying, but your Instagram followers want to know you’re a real person. Your Instagram profile photo should be a photo of you — not an avatar, not a flower, not a sunset. It’s fun to include a prop in your shot — a spatula if you’re a cook, a paintbrush if you’re an artist, and even your dog if he’s your best friend, but otherwise the photo should be of you and only you. 

It can be pretty difficult to find your perfect Instagram profile pic if your photo library is a mess. Use Gemini Photos to find and delete similar photos and other clutter.

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Fill the frame

When people are scrolling through their Instagram feeds, your profile pic will show up as a tiny circle to the left of each post. Because profile photos are so small,  it’s important to make every pixel count. Don’t worry so much about the background in your profile pic, and be sure to fill the frame with yourself.

Use a photo that is clear and sharp

Blurry photos rarely get a second look, so make sure your profile pic is clear and sharp, with good contrast. 

Natural lighting and outdoor photos are best

Head outside for your profile photo shoot and find soft, natural lighting, which will make for a more flattering portrait. 

Don’t change your photo too often

Your Insta profile picture will represent you to all of your followers, and they will come to recognize it quickly while scrolling through their feed.

What’s the optimal Instagram profile picture size?

You want to make sure that your Instagram profile picture looks good on all devices, from the smallest phone to a desktop computer. The aspect ratio will always be 1:1 (square) for your profile photo, but you should also shoot for 180 x 180 pixels, which will ensure that your photo is as clear as it can be. 

Why is my Instagram profile photo blurry?

There are a few different reasons why your Instagram profile pic might be blurry, but the most likely one is that the resolution of your photo is too low. Be sure to use a high-resolution photo in the JPEG format. 

Another reason for a blurry Instagram profile picture is that your iCloud is set to save all of your photos as thumbnails instead of originals. These are low-quality images that allow for a higher capacity of photos. To change your iCloud settings on your iPhone, go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Photos, and switch your account from “Optimize iPhone Storage” to “Download and Keep Originals”. 

Switching these settings will download all of your photos to your iPhone, which means you can run out of storage within seconds. To prevent that, scan your photos with Gemini Photos before you download it. It can trim a few gigabytes off your photo library by deleting unneeded similar photos, blurred shots, and old screenshots.

How to change your profile picture on instagram

You can change your profile picture on Instagram on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Here’s how to do it:

  1. From your Instagram profile tap Edit Profile. 
  2. Under your current photo, tap Change Profile Photo.
  3. Choose from the following options: Import from Facebook, Take Photo, Choose from Library. If you are using a desktop computer, your only option will be to upload a photo from your photo library.
  4. The photo you have chosen will appear in a circle on your screen. You can use your fingers to zoom in on the photo or to drag it around until you’re happy with the position. 
  5. Once you’re ready with your photo, tap Done.

It is worth taking some time to create and upload a clear, high-quality image for your Instagram profile picture. Follow the tips above to create a photo that stands out and shows the world what you’re all about. 

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