Net neutrality: pros and cons

Net neutrality is essential as it defines that no website should have a priority online because all the data you access/download is equally important. Every piece of content has the same value in the paradigm of net neutrality. Learn about net neutrality pros and cons to see if it impacts you personally. It might be difficult to access certain websites/services. Use ClearVPN, the first personalized VPN solution, to access any content worldwide including geo-blocked and restricted one.

What is net neutrality and why does it matter?

Net neutrality is the chief principle of content non-discrimination that contributes to internet development. It forbids the IPSs to transfer any data at different speeds. Net neutrality is the foundation of our freedom as internet users, it’s our right. Thus, ISPs can’t:

  • Give priorities to some resources.
  • Block access to some sites
  • Slow down the connection or speed

But some ISPs slow down access to many sites and users don’t know why it happens.

Internet traffic has to be processed equally despite any factors:

  • The protocol
  • Web address
  • The physical location of the server

Net neutrality contradictions

Evidently, net neutrality pros and cons are a very debated issue regarding internet freedom. Let’s get inside and see it ourselves

The main pros of net neutrality

1. Freedoms (speech, self-expression, choice of the content)

    Users are free to access, look for or watch any content. Illegal content shuts down anyway. Otherwise, ISPs will approve what content users will watch.

    2. Equal opportunities and competition

      Net neutrality is important for businesses, especially for startups to have the same opportunities in access, digital marketing, and goods promotion using social networks.

      3. Non-restricted communication

        A wide variety of communication means is available: instant messages, social networks, emails, video calls, conferencing, VoIP, blogs, podcasts.

        4. Users’ privacy

          Internet users can feel fine about their confidential sensitive information (credit cards, banking accounts, etc.) because such data is valuable and safe.

          5. Email marketing

            Online marketing is effective to get revenues and more sales, including improved performance.

            6. Meets users’ needs

              Users get access to any content to solve individual issues, at the same price.

              7. Encourages innovations and investments

                The internet marketplace is where competitors are free to do everything. The Internet is critical for many businesses and people to show their talents. Investments contribute to sustainable economic growth.

                8. ISP’s actions are restricted

                  ISP has to provide internet access, an essential affordable public utility. Prices on internet services remain the same.

                  People love the advantages of net neutrality including unlimited internet without restrictions, access to innovations, all kinds of freedoms and opportunities. ISPs would be able to control the users a lot more than they do now. Who should control the content that users access? Let’s see what the pros and cons of net neutrality are.

                  Some cons of net neutrality

                  1. No privacy

                    Users are constantly monitored, they will have ISP’s approval for the content and less privacy. No net neutrality means the end of users’ privacy.

                    2. Selling users’ data

                      ISP will expand greatly on data collection; they use cookies to get users’ personal information (searches and browsing history, user’s watching preferences, online purchases) to sell it to third parties.

                      3. The Internet can become a luxury

                        Cost per ISP’s services can increase. There will be no restrictions for ISPs. Not everyone will be able to afford the internet. ISP can charge you for consuming more data.

                        4. Limited competition

                          Some companies can pay extra money to restrict users’ access to the competitors’ websites. Net neutrality influences competition the way it can kill online business in the form we are having it now. Freelancers will be blocked as they are not profitable for businesses.

                          5. Censorship and blocking

                            ISP will be the one to decide what kind of data is right. Video streaming and downloads will be blocked. Rich companies could pay to block access to the competitors’ websites.

                            6. Prioritization, IoT services, and technologies

                              It matters if businesses pay more for faster connection and download. ISPs could pay more attention to advanced technologies and IoT services. Users will be under more control.

                              7. Limited press

                                To access the news sites, users could pay additionally. Or they would watch only the websites which their ISP approves. It is highly beneficial for ISPs in the case of offering various internet packages.

                                8. Infrastructure restrictions

                                  Those users who need to use a lot more data would have to pay more for internet services. The generated income can be used to improve the existing ISP’s overall infrastructure.

                                  9. Huge volumes of data

                                    Initially, the internet wasn’t supposed to have a massive amount of video content (Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo) that consumes too much bandwidth without recompense.

                                    Staying anonymous and net neutrality

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                                    It is natural that users’ visions/opinions about net neutrality pros and cons differ. The internet is a free space without priorities, where users’ needs are satisfied. On the one hand, net neutrality ensures business competitiveness. On the other hand, without net neutrality, ISPs won’t be obliged to treat all the data equally and also will get a huge financial benefit. It will be unnecessary for the ISPs to be honest with users about tracking them, restricting access to some resources. Thus, net neutrality is favorable for individual users while corporations benefit if there’s no net neutrality. The only way for internet users to stay safe and enjoy the benefits of it is a reliable VPN service. Use ClearVPN from now and on to browse safely online!

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