How to remove ads by Testpid on Mac

It’s an understatement that pop-up ads can be annoying. But they can quickly make your computer feel unusable if they start overrunning your browser. That's especially true with the ad network Testpid. So, if you begin to notice that all of the ads you see online or the pop-ups in your browser say “ads by Testpid,” then that’s a clear sign you have adware installed on your Mac.

Keep reading to learn how to block ads by Testpid and get rid of Testpid altogether from your computer.




Excessive popup ads

Infection methodDeceptive ads and software bundling
System damage

Egregious pop-ups and slow browser performance


Manual removal

What is Testpid?

Testpid is primarily an advertising network. The company makes money from advertisers every time someone clicks on one of its ads. So, they use adware and browser extensions to increase the number of ads a person sees with the hope that the popups will be clicked more frequently.

You can typically tell if an ad is from Testpid because it usually has one of the following disclaimers on it: “Powered by Testpid“, “Advertisements by Testpid“, “Brought to you by Testpid“, “Ads by Testpid,” or “Ads powered by Testpid“.

Why are ads by Testpid showing up on my Mac?

You’ve probably seen an increase in Testpid ads because adware or a browser extension has been installed on your computer. The two ways that could happen are through deceptive ads and software bundling.

The most common way Testpid is installed is through deceptive ads. Users are prompted to install it so that they can play flash or browser-based games. But in reality, it’s just the browser extension that’s being enabled on your computer.

The other way is through a process called software bundling. That’s when you install a free app on your Mac, and additional software, usually malicious, is simultaneously installed.

Are ads by Testpid harmful?

For the most part, Testpid ads are an annoyance, and in the best-case scenario, that’s all they are. But, as with most adware, Testpid ads can become overwhelming and make your browser unusable. Not to mention that it can leave your Mac more vulnerable to other, more harmful malware.

How to remove Testpid ads from Mac

While I wish I could tell you there was an easy one-press button that would automatically remove Testpid ads, there sadly isn’t. But, I promise the process of ridding your Mac from Testpid is so simple that anyone can do it.

Get rid of Testpid ads in web browser on Mac

The reason you’re seeing Testpid ads is that there’s a browser extension installed on your computer. And even though you probably only use one browser primarily, you should still check the others you have installed to make sure the Testpid extension isn’t hiding out on your hard drive.


Once you have Safari open, just follow these instructions:

  1. Click Safari > Preferences > Extensions.
  2. Select the Testpid extension > Uninstall.
  3. Now, click Safari > Quit Safari and then re-open it.


Removing ads by Testpid in Chrome is simple with these four steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click Chrome > Preferences > Extensions.
  3. Find the Testpid extension, then click Remove.
  4. Restart Chrome.


If you also have Firefox on your Mac, these steps will show you how to get rid of Testpid:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Click the button with the three lines > Add-ons and themes > Extensions.
  3. Scroll down to the Testpid extension.
  4. Next to the extension, click … > Remove.
  5. Finally, restart Firefox.

How to prevent installing PUAs, adware, redirect viruses, and browser hijackers

The most troubling thing about any adware or malware is that it usually ends up on your computer without your knowledge until it’s too late. That’s why it’s good to get into the habit of regularly scanning your Mac, so you catch malicious software before it wreaks too much havoc.

The good news is you can download the app CleanMyMac X to help with this. Originally, it was created to help speed up your computer and optimize its performance. Plus, it features an anti-malware tool that will scan for any malicious software lurking on your hard drive.

Malware scan in process

It’s so easy to get started with CleanMyMac X. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Download CleanMyMac X.
  2. Then, open it and click Malware Removal.
  3. Finally, click Scan.

CleanMyMac X does it all for you. When the scan is complete, it will also eliminate any malware it finds.

Ads by Testpid are annoying and can make it impossible to use your browser. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re feeling confident about not just blocking these pop-ups but also getting rid of any adware that’s snuck into your Mac. And don’t forget about the app that can optimize your computer’s speed and keep it free from harmful malware… CleanMyMac X!

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