How to remove MyCouponSmart adware from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Adware is the most common type of malware currently attacking users. It can track your browsing experience, and transfer collected data to third parties for revenue. MyCouponSmart is one of such scammers. Once installed, it immediately hijacks your browser and changes the settings in a way hard to reset.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this culprit, both manually and automatically. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove MyCouponSmart from your Mac.

What is MyCouponSmart?

MyCouponSmart seems to be a helpful software that provides coupons for special deals and discounts. In fact, it’s a deceptive adware that displays intrusive pop-ups and unwanted ads, turning your browsing experience into a living hell.

The common signs that your Mac’s infected with MyCouponSmart include:

  • Ads turn up in many shapes and forms and are hard to close. They usually promote fake updates or other questionable apps.
  • Web pages are not displayed as they should be.
  • Browser’s homepage and search engine have been mysteriously changed without your permission.
  • Links lead to websites different from ones you expect to visit.
  • Other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) got into your computer without your knowledge.

You can identify MyCouponSmart by the following captions: “Powered by MyCouponSmart”, “Ads by MyCouponSmart”, “Advertisements by MyCouponSmart”, “Ads powered by MyCouponSmart”, “Ads X”, etc.

How did MyCouponSmart get on your Mac?

You may not know that MyCouponSmart is already on your computer until you notice tons of intrusive pop-ups. That’s because of the sneaky ways it uses to spread. Generally, this adware comes bundled with other software, leaving you puzzled where it came from.

To avoid downloading and installing MyCouponSmart, be careful about what you agree to install. Download apps from the App Store or the original developer’s websites only. Also, check each step of the installation to make sure nothing else will be installed alongside. But if adware has already made its way to your computer, remove it immediately.

How to get rid of MyCouponSmart manually

There are several steps to removing MyCouponSmart from your Mac. First, eliminate malicious Profiles, then delete the application and all the associated files. Finally, remove a shady extension from each browser you use.

Step 1. Remove Profiles from Mac

Configuration profiles help users define settings and restrictions for macOS computers. For instance, a system admin can set up profiles on several Macs to connect them with a corporate network and control their behavior.

Speaking about adware, it exploits profiles to prevent users from changing hijacked browser settings. Let’s check if MyCouponSmart has installed any configuration profiles on your computer:

  1. Go to the System Preferences in the Apple menu .
  2. Click Profiles and choose a suspicious one.
  3. Hit the “–” button to delete it from the list.

If you have no configuration profiles installed on your Mac, the Profiles icon won’t display. In that case, skip this step and move to the next one.

Step 2. Get rid of the app and associated files

Now let’s go through your Applications folder, Library and Login Items, and search for anything that seems out of place. But be careful not to delete files vital for your system performance. Follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Applications and look for the MyCouponSmart app or anything you don’t remember downloading lately. Drag it to the Trash and press the Empty button.
  2. Choose Go to Folder from the Go menu in the Finder. Paste the following location ~/Library/LaunchAgents in the box, one by one, and press Go.
  3. Search for any files related to the MyCouponSmart adware and trash them.
  4. Repeat the Steps 2 and 3 for the following locations:

    /Library/Application Support

  5. To check for Login Items, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences. Click Users & Groups and choose the Login Items tab. If you find anything that shouldn’t be there, select it and press the “–” button to remove it.

    Step 3. Remove malicious extension from browser

    Check each browser you have on your Mac to make sure you delete every trace of the malware.

    Remove the extension from Chrome

    1. Paste this text to the address bar: chrome://extensions.
    2. Look for the suspicious extension.
    3. Hit the Remove button next to it.

    Uninstall the extension from Safari

    1. Go to the Safari menu > Preferences.
    2. Choose the Extensions tab.
    3. Select the extension you want to delete.
    4. Click Uninstall.

    Remove extension from Firefox

    1. Click three horizontal lines (the menu button) at the right of the address bar.
    2. Head over to Add-ons > Extensions.
    3. Find the extension and click the ellipsis (three-dot menu).
    4. Hit Remove.

    All these look like a lot of work, right? Luckily, there is an easier way.

    How to delete MyCouponSmart quickly and safely

    Another way to get rid of MyCouponSmart is to use a dedicated malware removal tool. My personal favorite is CleanMyMac X by MacPaw. It not only deals with Mac-specific viruses but also improves system performance with a bunch of useful tools.

    Malware removal module of CleanMyMacX

    Here is how to use CleanMyMac X to destroy adware:

    1. Download CleanMyMac X for free — here’s the direct link.
    2. Choose the Malware Removal tab.
    3. Click Scan.
    4. Press Remove to vanish all threats and malware-related files, deleting nothing important.

    Now that you did the malware scan, it makes sense to use the Maintenance feature of CleanMyMac X to restore your Mac after the adware attack. It helps you run a list of maintenance tasks, free up RAM, and perform other system optimizing processes with a few clicks.

    Free up Mac RAM with CleanMyMacX

    MyCouponSmart appears legitimate, but it’s an adware. It quickly takes control over your browser and starts spamming your Mac with pop-ups. I hope this guide helped you identify the threat and get rid of it for good!

    Laptop with CleanMyMac
    CleanMyMac X

    Your Mac. As good as new.