What is Heavy memory usage?

Heavy memory usage means your Mac is running out of free RAM. This is the memory your Mac’s CPU can access quickly, without having to use hard drive memory. The CPU relies on RAM to run all of your processes fast, so when the system surpasses RAM capacity, things get really slow. If you use CleanMyMac X, it sends you a Heavy memory usage alert when that happens, so you could identify and fix the problem.

Why is my Mac running out of RAM?

Some apps and processes consume massive amounts of RAM (browsers, for example). That’s fine if you have plenty of memory, but if you don’t, your Mac will exceed its RAM capacity and start running slow. If quitting the resource-heavy app is not an option, you’ll want to tighten the belt and close other RAM-eaters:

Browsers and their extensions

Browsers tend to consume a lot of memory, especially if you keep a lot of tabs open all the time. Browser extensions hog some more memory, so if you have many, they might take up too much of your RAM.

Unclosed apps

When you have numerous apps open, all of them use up RAM. Some apps don’t close when you just click the red X button: the window is minimized, and the app continues running and consuming precious memory.

Apps that launch on startup

By default, some of your apps are set to start up with your Mac. Not only will they slow down the startup process, but they’ll also run in the background without you noticing and use up RAM.

why did you get Heavy memory usage alert

Can CleanMyMac X fix high memory usage issue?

To fix heavy RAM usage, you’ll need to handle apps and items that consume too much memory. CleanMyMac X (download it for free here) makes it easier by letting you access all plugins and app helpers in one place. Plus, it enables you to check memory usage at a glance. If it looks like your Mac is running out of free RAM, try doing the following.

  1. Check how much RAM’s in use in CleanMyMac X Menu. You'll see how RAM is distributed between different categories of data.
  2. If you’re looking for a quick improvement in performance, try clicking the Free Up button to release some of the RAM. However, this is not guaranteed to help when your Mac’s RAM usage is critically heavy.

  3. Click Optimization tab to see Hung Apps and Heavy Consumers to see which apps and processes gobble up too much memory.
  4. Disable browser extensions and login items that consume a lot of RAM with the Extensions module. That will help you cut down memory usage.
heavy memory consuming apps ram on mac

All CleanMyMac’s features are available without limitations in the full version, so if you’re still using the trial, consider getting a license here.

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