How to remove Similar Photo Cleaner from Mac

Malware name

Similar Photo Cleaner

CategoryPotentially Unwanted Application (PUA), Scareware
Claims to be

Duplicate photo finder

Malicious activityFake system scanners, annoying pop-up notifications, ads, browser freeze-ups

Official website, bundling, promotional ads


Find and automatically remove the malware agent with CleanMyMac X. For manual removal, follow the instructions below.

What is Similar Photo Cleaner?

Technically, the Similar Photo Cleaner virus is not a virus itself but rather a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and scareware. Promoted as a duplicate photo finder, it promises to save your disk space by deleting similar images from your Mac’s photo gallery. In fact, it rather brings false promises.

What is Similar Photo Cleaner

Once installed, the impostor delivers fake system checks tricking you into activating its full version. Still, even the paid plan can hardly save disk space or enhance your Mac’s performance. What’s worse, it may compromise your security and open the door for more hazards to come in.

The most common symptom of the PUP infection include:

  • Unauthorized system scans
  • Fake warnings and alerts reporting about system issues
  • Questionable ads promoting suspicious software

Classified as a PUP, Similar Photo Cleaner sneaks onto computers using the so-called “bundling.” That means it’s attaching itself to some other app, often legitimate, to be installed as a single package. That is common if you download software via torrents and from other pirated sources. 

Always pay attention to the checkboxes you are agreeing to. Installing something — even as a bonus — may cost you dearly. But no matter how the duplicate photo finder ended up on your Mac, here’s how to delete Similar Photo Cleaner from your computer.

How to get rid of Similar Photo Cleaner manually

So, here’s how to remove Similar Photo Cleaner on Mac.

Tip: Quick removal with a legit antivirus

The quickest way to overcome the PUP attack is to use a dedicated tool. Here at the MacPaw anti-malware lab, we recommend using CleanMyMac X. It’s free to download and is easy to use even for beginners. It’s the most renowned junk cleaner on the market.

The program destroys Similar Photo Cleaner and removes its residue parts from your system. CleanMyMac X has a special script that’s been tested to remove the Similar Photo Cleaner:

  1. Grab your copy of CleanMyMac X.
  2. Install and open it.
  3. Go to the Malware Removal tab and click Scan.
  4. Once done, click Remove. That’s all!
Malware Removal module

For removing Similar Photo Cleaner manually

So, here’s how to remove Similar Photo Cleaner from MacBook Pro and other macOS machines:

Step 1. Trash the main application

  1. First, hold the Command-Space keyboard shortcut to activate the Spotlight Search. Type ‘Activity Monitor’ to find and launch it from here.
  2. Search for the process that mentions “Similar Photo Cleaner” and click the Force Quit button (X) to stop it.
  3. Next, go to the Applications folder and trash the host app. Enter your password to proceed.
  4. Choose System Settings from the Apple menu. Navigate to General > Login Items. Delete anything photo cleaner-related from there by clicking the ‘–’ button.

Step 2. Eliminate the rest of malicious components

Dragging the main app to the Trash is not enough to delete it. Some malware-related elements may still root deep in your system folders. To find and destroy them:

  1. Press the Shift-Command-G shortcut (in the Finder).
  2. Type each of the paths listed below into the box that appears. Press Go after each one to open a particular location:
    ~/Library/Application Support
  3. Find and trash files associated with the impostor. Be careful not to break your system-forming files by mistake.
  4. Lastly, restart your computer to delete Similar Photo Cleaner from your Mac for good.

Has my data been compromised?

According to the Privacy Policy, Similar Photo Cleaner can track your data, share it with third parties, and use it to spam you with promotional content. Note that by letting the app into your system and paying for the full version, you disclose your personal and banking info. To prevent a massive data leak, uninstall the malware as soon as you detect it.

How to check if Similar Photo Cleaner is removed from your Mac?

First, make sure the malicious program is no longer showing in Applications. There also should be no fake alerts and promo notifications that pop up out of nowhere. Next, check your login items for any unwanted entries. And finally, pay attention to your browsers. They should be free from ad overload.

If Similar Photo Cleaner keeps popping up even after manual deletion, use anti-malware software. It also helps you restore your Mac after the attack and keep it protected.

Please note that the article is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. We do not make any warranties regarding the manual removal of the virus. You have to understand that as a user, you are fully responsible for changing your Mac’s configuration.

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