CleanMyMac X Gets an Updated Menu

Despite that our country — Ukraine — is in a state of active resistance to Russian aggression, MacPaw is stable and keeps on developing products. 

Our CleanMyMac team has kept working and is ready to present you with a new version of the Menu. It’s designed to help you watch over the health of your Mac so it won’t let you down at the crucial moment. 

Let us lead you through new features


CleanMyMac already watches over the temperature and load of your CPU. But with the new version, it goes further and allows you to see the top-consuming apps, the uptime of your system, and the unusual activity spikes. 

Memory aka RAM

New Menu shows you whether it’s okay to keep pushing your Mac further. Or, if not, what RAM-heavy process to quit to free up memory asap.  

Storage Disk

Like everything else in your Mac, storage disks lose capacity as they age. This monitoring tool helps you keep track of the available storage, the temperature, and the condition of the drive, so you know when to backup your data and replace the disk to ensure nothing gets lost. 


Lithium batteries in your Macs have a maximum number of charging cycles that differ from model to model. We’ve made an additional monitor tool that lets you know the exact number for your Mac, the overall health of your battery, and how much time it’d take to charge fully. 


We have redesigned and expanded the protection module. Now you can see to what extent your Mac is protected from threats, see what modes are on and when was the last update of the malware database.

Network Monitor and Connected Devices: In Progress

These tools are on the way. Our team needs a little more time for the finishing touches. 

Made this way thanks to your feedback

We are very grateful to you, our users, who tested the Beta and shared their opinion. Your input about the updated Menu helped us detect unclear details and improve them for the final release. 

Thank you for caring. We believe that together we can build an excellent utility for solving all Mac issues.

P.S. Sometimes, to grow, we have to let things go

With this release, we also stop supporting CleanMyMac X on macOS 10.10 and 10.11. We do it to deliver you only the best and fastest software, which, unfortunately, is not feasible with these systems. 

The previous version of CleanMyMac X would still function on macOS 10.10 and 10.11, but updating it won’t be possible.