CleanMyMac X is nominated for Webby

CleanMyMac X is nominated for Webby

Here at MacPaw, we believe that technology exists for empowering human life, so we do our best to ensure that the personal tech of our users never leaves them hanging.

We believe that this approach to the design and development of our products is responsible for CleanMyMac's nomination to the Webby Awards — the Oscars of the internet — in 2 categories: Best Practices and Services & Utilities. It's a huge honor for us to be competing against such widely known products as National Geographic and the Apple TV app.

While a judging body decides the Webby Award, The Webby People’s Voice Award is decided by you — our users. Thank you for casting your votes and stay tuned for the winner alert!

What is Webby

Webby was founded in 1996 to honor the best of the internet. It was born as a part of the Web magazine and grew to be independent with the years. Its past winners include iTunes, Google, the New York Times, CNN, Wikipedia, and other essential internet bodies you cannot imagine living without today.

This year Webby Awards received the highest number of submissions yet: over 14 thousand, with CleanMyMac joining the ranks of only 1700 nominees.

Why is it important for us?

Being nominated for this award is a chance to get seen and considered by all of the internet and an expert judging body among thousands of other internet products, services, and websites. And that itself is already unbelievably great.

However, receiving the actual award is getting judged and recognized for being a great product, which we wholeheartedly believe that CleanMyMac is.

This award is special for us, just like the Red Dot, the UX Design Award 2021, and the Asia Design Prize that CleanMyMac X has won because it's proof that what we're doing impacts all of the internet.

With all of that said, we want to thank you, our users. We know that this nomination and our past achievements wouldn't be possible without your support.

With love and respect,

CleanMyMac Team ❤️