Gold in Asia Design Prize goes to… CleanMyMac X!

Who else wins gold in 2022 apart from the Olympic Games champions in Beijing? CleanMyMac X designers at Asia Design Prize award!

Asia Design Prize 2022 recently announced the winners of its global design screening. CleanMyMac X was recognized as the finest design software in the communication category released on the market. For us, it is not just one more win to our collection. But rather one more step forward in carrying out the larger vision and mission we pursue at MacPaw:

A world where technology empowers human life…

And the product, to Help machines help you!

CleanMyMac X became the reflection of that vision and mission. As a team, we craved to build a product we can be proud of with a design that is hard to forget. That’s why UX/UI design has become our core value. And that’s the reason we keep perfecting it to create the most magical experience for our users.

So every time, it is an honor to introduce CleanMyMac X to the world. After Red Dot 2021, UX Design Award 2021, and If Design Award in 2020, how exciting it is to receive the award in Asia, expanding our global user community in love with the product we’ve created.

About Asia Design Prize:

The Asia Design Prize honors achievements in design across different product categories. Winners are chosen through one of the most accurate, valuable, and impartial design screenings in the world that is entirely system-based. Personal information such as nationality, organization, and name is not revealed in the screening.

This year’s participants and winners include companies, design institutes, design studios, and professionals worldwide. The Asia Design Prize 2022 received: 1,830 entries from 29 countries around the world. 34 judges from 8 countries, including world-renowned designer Karim Rashid, awarded 279 designers:

  • Team of the Year - 1
  • Grand Prize - 15
  • Gold - 45
  • Winner - 217

Congratulations to all prizewinners!

CleanMyMac X breaking through in the Asian market… what’s next?

Asia is one of the key markets for CleanMyMac X, so being recognized as the gold winner in the Asia Design Prize is a truly meaningful achievement to us. That's what Kateryna Kachan, our Geo Marketing Manager, has to say about it:

“CleanMyMac X is localized in Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages to help our customers in Asia get remarkable experience from the software. Besides language localization, we've also created websites for the Chinese ( and Japanese customers ( It allows us to serve and add value to our users from those countries by providing Mac tips in their language, the opportunity to buy CleanMyMac X via local payment methods like Alipay, and give them customer support through WeChat and QQ”.

Here at CleanMyMac, we’re planning to be even more focused on our Asian users in the next few years. To achieve that, we intend to launch new products, support local events and festivals, and keep delighting our customers with a richer CleanMyMac X experience.

Check out the CleanMyMac X design story:

Big thanks to our team and CleanMyMac X community

We want to take a moment to appreciate our community of users! You are the reason why CleanMyMac X exists. Your support is priceless, your feedback is valuable, and your love is what pushes us to go far and beyond in creating a great product.

Congratulations and huge applause to our entire CleanMyMac squad! Your everyday effort sprinkled with endless creativity brings our vision to life. Let’s keep empowering human lives with the same passion through technologies…