Connected devices monitor officially launched

Do you remember the turning point in the tech world when the Apple ecosystem was introduced? The perfect soundtrack to that life-changing moment would be this:

A whole new world

A new fantastic point of view

No one to tell us "No" or where to go

Or say we're only dreaming… 🎶

In case you’re wondering, it’s a song from Aladdin. And the point is, the world did feel different, didn’t it?

All of a sudden, hardware and software were interacting with each other, just like real humans. It allowed users seamlessly switch between various devices without interrupting their life or workflow, creating the most elegant and intuitive experience. If such technological connectivity still gives you goosebumps, using our latest CleanMyMac X feature is going to be your next favorite thing, and here’s why…

In case you’ve missed it 👀: Menu App Recap

Before we get into the juicy stuff, let’s look back on our latest updated CleanMyMac Menu App, which you can easily find in the status bar. It was designed to inform you of all the critical changes in your Mac and offer you other handy features. Below is a snapshot of its six detailed monitors to help you get the best value out of it for your Mac.

  1. CPU: Measuring the temperature and load of your CPU was always as easy as pie with CleanMyMac. But we didn’t want to stop there. And here’s why we expanded our menu with detailed data on your most consuming apps, unusual activity spikes, and even your system’s uptime.
  2. RAM: Whatever users need to know about RAM, the Menu App has it all. It gives you precise information on your Mac’s RAM limitations, RAM-heavy process, and how to free up that RAM asap.
  3. Storage Disk: Ever wondered in what shape your drive is? Now with the magic of our monitoring tool, you can track available storage, temperature, and condition of your storage disk. It will also notify you when to back up your data or replace your disk.
  4. Battery: What’s your Mac’s maximum number of charging cycles? What’s your current battery health status? What’s the exact amount of time your Mac needs to charge fully? Find out all the answers to these questions in your Menu App.
  5. Protection: We’ve also visualized and reinvented our malware protection module for our refined Menu App. In a blink of an eye, check what modes are on and see when your malware database was lastly updated.
  6. Network Monitor. Test the speed of your connection and check how secure your Wi-Fi connection is in our most recent network monitor.

    Finally, the time has come for the big reveal! Today we’re introducing our freshly-baked monitor (lucky number 7). A drum roll, please…

    The cherry on top 🍒: Connected Devices Monitor

    If you highly value connectivity, seamless device interaction, and having control over all your devices, we’ve got “a whole new world” for you, and we call it Connected Devices Monitor. This new feature in our Menu App will undoubtedly be your go-to because it’s super handy and free of charge for all Mac users.

    The new monitor lets you control and provides full-status updates on iOS/iPadOS, Bluetooth devices, and external drives connected to your Mac. It also includes information about available disk space on your external drive and helps to remove hidden junk in one click. What’s more, it allows you to audit your personal files on a flash drive or SD card with CleanMyMac’s Space Lens module and saves you a reasonable amount of time by allowing the safe ejection of all drives at once.

    To find it, click on the CleanMyMac X icon in your Mac Menu bar, and voila: you get an instant view of all devices connected to your Mac via WiFi, Bluetooth, or even cable. Now let’s dive deeper into each device category to uncover what you can get out of it:

    📱 iOS/iPadOS devices

    Effortlessly monitor the battery percentage and the amount of available disk space on your iPhone or iPad using the same WiFi network and Apple ID as your Mac (no cable needed, but you can use one if you want). Press the “Reclaim Space” button and get the pro tips to clean up your devices and clear that space you lack.

    🖨️ Bluetooth devices

    Keep an eye on the battery percentage of devices connected to your Mac via Bluetooth, such as your mouse, keyboard, or headphones. And get notified when the battery is running low.

    💾 External drives

    Quickly check available disk space on your external drives and use one of the suggested options to add more space. Before you know it, those precious gigabytes are back and ready to be used again.

    🔌 Device ejection

    Safely eject each drive individually or all at once by pressing the “Eject” or “Eject all” buttons. And done!

    Note: Mac App Store version of CleanMyMac X doesn’t support monitoring and cleaning iOS devices, keyboards, AirPods, etc. Flash drives only.

    Last word…

    We thank all our users who tested the Connected Device module in beta and kindly shared their feedback with us. Our only desire is for Connected Devices Monitor to enhance and brighten your Mac experience.

    Enjoy, and stay tuned! More cool updates are coming your way!

    Your CleanMyMac Team ❤️

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