MacPaw’s Response to Apple’s EU Policy Updates

After last week's developments surrounding Apple's policy updates in the European Union, we at MacPaw are feeling optimistic. These changes, driven by the Digital Markets Act, are shaping a new era for a more equitable and dynamic digital ecosystem, something we've been eagerly anticipating. While this progress is encouraging, it's clear that the journey towards a fully competitive iOS market is still ongoing.

Navigating the complexities of this evolving landscape, we are gearing up for an exciting venture this year: the launch of the Setapp mobile marketplace in the EU. This has been a highly requested feature from our users, and we're committed to delivering it with the same user-centric focus and innovative spirit that defines us. Our goal is to establish a balanced app ecosystem where developers can thrive under a business model that promotes fairness and value, regardless of their size.

Our team is in the final stages of developing a beta version of the Setapp mobile marketplace, anticipating its readiness in 2024. We are actively engaging with current developers on our platform who offer cross-platform apps. Our aim is to ensure that the transition to this new marketplace is smooth and that it continues to meet the high standards our users have come to expect from Setapp.

We look forward to collaborating with leading mobile app developers who seek more equitable ways to reach their customers. The chance to work collectively towards a marketplace that offers a unique consumer experience is something we deeply value. We remain committed to making a meaningful, positive impact in the software sector.

For iOS developers looking to take part in this exciting journey, we welcome you to explore opportunities at Setapp for Developers. And for users eager to dive into our new mobile marketplace, don't miss out – join the Setapp Waitlist and be among the first to experience what we have in store.