Encryptor: And Privacy for All

Data encryption is all over the news. The U.S. Senate is pushing a bill that obliges tech companies to decrypt user data, if told so by a court order. Critics say that would mean the end of data security.

Here at MacPaw — we just do our thing, and our thing is helping you keep private data private.

With that in mind, we made Encryptor, the engine we built to power our Encrypto app, open-source for developers and anyone interested. Why? Because one, we believe data protection tools should be widely available and easy to make. And two, we think people have the right to know how apps that handle their private files actually work.

So, fellow developers — go ahead and use our code to build your own encryption apps. Our beloved users — go ahead and look what Encrypto has under the hood. You can get Encryptor here on GitHub, along with installation and usage instructions. Enjoy!