My Application Became Corrupted After Cleaning My Mac with CleanMyMac Classic!

In some cases, it may happen that one of your applications becomes corrupted after cleaning your Mac with CleanMyMac Classic. However, there is no reason to worry. Here’s the deal…

Many applications generate caches, logs, leftovers, and other junk. However, when CleanMyMac Classic cleans these files, the app may check its own files for any inconsistencies and then report itself as corrupted.

Though we try to avoid that and work to make CleanMyMac Classic compatible with every app, we can’t check all Mac software available on the Internet. This is why we’ve created the Ignore List, which contains apps that should not be scanned or cleaned with CleanMyMac Classic.

Here is what you should do in case one of your apps becomes corrupted:

  1. Reinstall the corrupted application.
  2. Add it to the Ignore List of CleanMyMac Classic, which can be accessed via the Window menu of CleanMyMac Classic.
  3. If you want to let us know about the Mac software that became corrupted (which we’d truly appreciate), please ensure that the Share your Ignore List option is enabled in your CleanMyMac Classic Preferences options, located under the Privacy & Updates tab.

Now, you can safely clean your Mac with CleanMyMac Classic without the fear that your application will become corrupted again.

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