Clean my Mac with CleanMyMac Classic

Now, after you’ve installed and activated your copy of CleanMyMac Classic, you surely want to clean up your Mac. The easiest way to do this is to launch CleanMyMac Classic, click Scan, wait a bit, and then click Clean. The app may then ask you to authenticate yourself as an administrator of the Mac. This acts as an extra level of precaution. Don’t worry, CleanMyMac Classic does not affect any important or necessary files.

After you’ve scanned and cleaned all files that were found by CleanMyMac Classic, check the Utilities section. It can help you clean your Mac even further:

The Manage Extensions module allows you to explore the extensions that are currently installed on your system. Review the extensions you need, and if you don’t need certain extensions, mark them in preparation for removal. Once finished, remove them by clicking Uninstall.

The Uninstall Applications module requires you to drag the applications you wish to remove from the Applications folder to the Drag App Here area of CleanMyMac Classic, followed by then clicking Uninstall. This is the recommended way of deleting Mac software using CleanMyMac Classic, because it makes sure the app was deleted entirely, as opposed to just dragging Application file to the Trash.

The Quick Erase Files module allows you to delete files without leaving a trace. This module guarantees that the file will be removed quickly and completely.

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