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CleanMyMac should be able to clean duplicates as well
I use CleanMyMac regularly to maintain my Mac in shape. CleanMyMac has a lot of useful features, but I would love to add the possibility to accurately remove duplicate files from Mac, for example duplicate pictures or music files in my MacOS.
1965 Voted
CMM should be able to clean browsing data too
It needs to be able to clean my browsing history and all those temp files and cookies in browsers, not only development junk and languages.
1034 Voted
Scheduled scans support
I want to schedule custom scans, so I don't need to worry about cleaning my mac every week. Keep the good job and I hope to see this feature soon.
802 Voted
Disk defragmentation in CleanMyMac
I would really like to have CleanMyMac do a defrag and compact so I can throw away an inferior product that does this without the elegance of CMM.
801 Voted
Permanent logging in as a superuser
Would like to have an option to be permanently logged in as a privileged user so I don't have to enter my password every time.
577 Voted
CleanMyMac doesn't clean external drives
I have most apps and datas on an non-default location (extern usb-HD), CMM doesn't find them. It would be nice to add custom search folders.
547 Voted
Plugin for visualizing scan results
Maybe you will create some sort of a plugin to visualize the data on your drives. It would help manage your files. Not a 'cleaning' feature, but still would be great.
381 Voted
Add search for files with similar content
Nice if you could find duplicates, irrespective of their file names, but by content matching. Then offer the user to select one of them as the master, wherever it resides, and replace all the other copies, in place, with a symbolic link to that master. All that in a user friendly way of course :-)
328 Voted
Support of Mac OS X maintenance scripts in CMM
I want CleanMyMac can running Mac OS X maintenance scripts like 'sudo periodic daily weekly monthly'.
327 Voted
File compression feature in CMM
Snow Leo has an internal file compression feature. Probably, you'll be able to make CleanMyMac use it as well, I've already seen some apps that support this.
248 Voted
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