Resolve common payment issues

Go on with this article only if you got your CleanMyMac X from the MacPaw Store.

My card was declined

What’s wrong? The payment doesn’t go through, and you get messages like “transaction declined” or “invalid payment method” while paying for the CleanMyMac subscription on the MacPaw Store.

What causes the problem? Causes vary, but most likely the card you provided earlier has expired, or you inserted incorrect payment information, or you’ve reached your credit limit.

How to fix it? Review all your payment information (including the credit card number, expiration date, and CVV) and, if needed, update it.

Also, you can try another payment method or another credit card.

If you still get the same error after updating your payment information, please contact our Customer Care Team.

My card was charged incorrectly

What’s wrong? I was charged more than the fee indicated on the marketplace where I purchased CleanMyMac X.

What causes the problem? Usually, it happens when the currency of the subscription fee differs from the currency of your card. In this case, a conversion rate may affect the amount of your payment. Also, some banks additionally charge a currency conversion fee.

How to fix it? Contact your financial institution and check if you can change any credit card settings to prevent this issue in the future.

If you’re sure that your case has nothing to do with the conversion issue, get in touch with our Customer Care Team.

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