Suspicious apps in Uninstaller

In the Suspicious category of Uninstaller, you can find apps developed or hosted in Russia and Belarus. Such apps may threaten your Mac or the safety of your data. You may also remove these apps to support the worldwide boycott of businesses cooperating with Russia and Belarus.

Why apps from Russia and Belarus are suspicious?

The legislation of these countries allows governments and affiliated companies to access any private information without user consent or a court decision. Thus, your data is constantly compromised when you use apps hosted in Russia and Belarus.

App developers from Russia and Belarus may also support, publicly or secretly, the aggressor and unlawful behaviour of their governments. Apps, created by such developers, may spy on you, steal your data, or harm your computer. A huge number of cyberattacks in 2021-2022 proves the risk is real.

We explain our motivation to add Suspicious apps to Uninstaller in this blog post.

How does CleanMyMac X find suspicious apps?

  • The Uninstaller module examines the programmatic identifiers (such as bundle IDs and others) in applications and filters the apps created or hosted in Russia and Belarus.
  • CleanMyMac X also checks if an application is mentioned in MacPaw's list of suspicious apps.

The MacPaw team carefully curates this list together with the software development community and socially responsible individuals worldwide. We do our best to avoid bringing safe apps to the suspicious list. Before making a decision, we use information from different sources, ask security experts, compare various opinions, and try to contact the app developer whenever possible and reasonable.

Report safe apps to remove them from Suspicious

Although we're cautious about declaring apps as suspicious, mistakes are possible. We always appreciate any feedback that could help us improve.

If you're a CleanMyMac user and you're sure an app is not suspicious, please let us know. Any proof or details would be helpful, but if you don't have extra info—write to us anyway, and we'll do research.

App developers are also welcome to contact us and prove their apps don't pose threat to users. We'll soon update this article with the technical info we need to consider an app safe.

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