How to Scan Your Mac with Gemini

To scan your Mac with Gemini, first launch Gemini. Then, select the folders or drives you wish to scan by clicking the + icon which is located on the main menu, a little bit to the left. A selection window will pop open, and from here, you can choose the folder or drive you wish to scan. After you make your selection, click Add, located in the lower right-hand corner of the window. To scan multiple folders at once, just click the + icon again, and repeat the process with additional folders. Once you’ve finished making your selections, click the Scan button, which is on the main menu, a little bit to the right. When Gemini finishes scanning, click Show Results to open the scan results window.

In this new window, Gemini lists every duplicate it found. The left section has a nice little breakdown of the types of duplicate files found along with a pie chart in the bottom left-hand corner. The section in the middle is the list of files or folders found that have duplicates. The number in gray shows the total number of copies Gemini found. The easiest way to select duplicates for removal is to click the Auto Select button at the top of the window to the left. After clicking, new numbers in red will appear next to the gray ones, letting you know how many files of each duplicate set Gemini has selected for removal. You can click on a file or folder to get more details on where the files or folders are located and which version has been selected for removal (Auto Select picks the newest file, or files, for removal). You can alter the selection if you so choose by checkmarking the files or folders you want removed.

Once you’ve finished making your selections, click Remove Selected, located at the top right corner of the window. Gemini will then show you a list of your files selected for removal. To remove something from the list, click the X next to the file or folder. If everything is correct, click Remove in the bottom right-hand corner and watch Gemini shred your duplicates to pieces.

Note: On the main menu, you can also select folders or drives for scanning by using a Finderwindow. With both Finder and Gemini open, drag folders or drives from Finder onto the Gemini window. Gemini will then add these folders or networks to its scan list. This feature makes selecting what to scan a bit easier.

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