New Feature: Duplicates are now replaced with Hard Links

Hard links are files all with the same weight and dimensions as the original file except that they aren’t the original file but a reference path to the original file the the computer uses go directly to the original. You can think of this as a placeholder, in that the hard link looks like the original file in the location you want it without taking up the extra space of having two duplicate files.

Gemini 2 allows users to create hard links in the place of duplicate files. This gives you a possibility to to save space on your Mac’s hard drive yet be able to find the specified duplicates as Gemini 2 creates multiple paths to one file in various locations however the file is stored in only one location.

While Gemini 2 will create hard links for any types of files including pictures, audio tracks, and documents, there are certain limitations to the feature:

- Hard links cannot be created in iTunes or Photos libraries.
- Hard links may point only to files on the same volume and it’s not possible to link to files on different volumes.
- A hard link will always point to the most recent version of the file, therefore of you need to store different versions of the file (in a backup for example) creating hard links may not be a great idea.

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