New Features: Smart Selection of Duplicates and Similars

Gemini 2 now has the ability to find files that are similar in content and suggest that they be deleted. It uses a unique algorithm to detect compare files using a wide range of parameters. Using this algorithm and these parameters it is able to find similarities in the files and then make suggestions to the the user. Gemini 2 can also now Automatically detect identical files without requiring review, but the user can also choose to review all files. By default Gemini 2 will be set to Simple Mode

This mode will safely clean without reviewing when you put the folder in Gemini app. It only selects exact duplicates except when smart rules have been applied by the user. For example, if the user adds a smart rule to keep the smallest file every time the user scans then the Simple Mode will be overridden and Gemini 2 will clean using this new rule every time. This ability to add and remove rules is a new feature of Gemini 2 that allows users to fully customize their Gemini 2 duplicate scans.

Smart Rule example: 


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