New Feature: Not only duplicates, but similars

One of the major improvements to the Gemini app in this latest version is the added capability to find similar files in addition to the duplicate file finding capability of the previous version. So what is the difference between similar and duplicate files.

It is important to understand how the application finds duplicates in order to understand how it finds similar files. Gemini finds duplicate files by comparing the exact length of the files data. When Gemini locates two files that contain duplicate data Gemini will then suggest this file be deleted. Because these files are exactly identical in terms of their data they can be categorized as duplicates. However this method can not identify two photos that are the same or similar at a glance but are composed of different data as files. In this respect although some photos may look the same or similar to you Gemini sees them as completely different files. That is why we give the distinction of duplicate and similar files. Gemini can only find and suggest these duplicate files — well that is until now.

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