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Scanning for certain duplicates
I need to know whether I have duplicates of a particular file on my drive. Since Gemini is a duplicate finder, it should be able to do it.
190 Voted
Support Cloud Files
Support Amazon, iCloud, Dropbox and other to check duplicates
125 Voted
Could Gemini notify me when file I marked for removal is used by the system or an app?
Sometimes Gemini doesn’t remove the duplicates I’ve chosen. However, there is no notification for that case. That is important and should be implemented
117 Voted
Favorite List & Recent Folders
I would like to see a list of recent scans and a list where all my favorite folders are shown for something like a 'one click scan' within that folder
76 Voted
Please translate to Turkish
It would be awesome to add Turkish translation to the Gemini app
43 Voted
Prevent searching in hidden directories
I would add an option to prevent searching of duplicates in hidden directories.

Personally I've hidden a few directories with the "chflags hidden" terminal command, and Gemini found duplicates in them. While this was helpful, it's a privacy concern. I know hiding a directory isn't a strong security measure, yet I'd like Gemini not to look into them.
42 Voted
Allow the search in Moved to Trash to resume where you left off after deleting a putting back a file
When you review in the 'Moved To Trash', you scroll and check the files to see if you want to toss or keep.
ISSUE : When you decide to 'Put Back', the scroller goes back to the beginning of the list; losing your place and having to start all over again. This is frustrating, making any search, especially a large number of files, more time-consuming.

SUGGESTION: Allow the search to go back to the place where you left off, which allows the user to continue the review with wasting time and having to "re-review" previous files.
7 Voted
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