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List music on device only
It's great for when I'm at home in wifi and can stream from music in iCloud, but when on mobile data I just want to play tracks that are on my phone so I'm not using my data allowance - but the app still displays all the albums that are in icloud. Maybe there should be a playlist that just lists local files?
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Smart and improved search
The Search feature needs to be more useful. For example; I have about 4 albums by Dido. When I type "Dido" in the search window it only shows me a category of "ARTISTS". Where is the SONGS category and/or ALBUMS category? Somebody is going to resort to the search bar in order to get to a specific song, specific album OR specific Artist.
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Special controls for listening audiobooks
It’d be nice to have special controls for listening audiobooks. Thanks!
49 Voted
Adding scrubbing feature
I want to suggest a scrubbing feature for Listen. With scrubbing it’s much easier to find a particular spot in a song. Hope you add it soon :)
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Listen is a free music player for iOS that you control with gestures.

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