The Favorites tab is a home for your most precious wallpapers. Every time you click on the Star button, a collection or picture it belongs to moves to Favorites, where you can easily find it.

Important: Using Favorites requires authorization because we tie your selections to your personal account. This way, we let you access your beloved pictures from any computer with the same Wallpaper Wizard account.

Adding to Favorites

Add a collection to Favorites

Open a collection and click the Star next to the collection title.

Add a picture to Favorites

Hover over a picture thumbnail and then click on the Star. If you have opened the picture to take a closer look, you’ll find the Star button at the bottom of the window. Just hit it to add the picture to Favorites.

Editing Favorites

Remove a collection from Favorites

  1. Go to the Favorites tab and click Edit.
  2. Click on the minus button of the collection you don’t want to see among your Favorites.
  3. Click Done.

Remove a picture from Favorites

  1. Go to the Favorites tab and open a collection.
  2. Click Edit and then click on the minus button on the picture you want to exclude from Favorites.
  3. Click Done.

Accessing Favorites from another Mac

As you open your Wallpaper Wizard account on another Mac, the app gets synchronized with the cloud and receives your preferences. Thus, you can quickly reach your Favorites by simply authorizing in Wallpaper Wizard with your credentials.

Just open Wallpaper Wizard and log into your account on the Favorites tab. Now, all your selections are already there, ready to be rolled.

The moment you mark new collections and pictures with a star, they move to Favorites across all Macs where you logged to Wallpaper Wizard.  

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