How to Get Started with Hider 2
Let’s go through how to start protecting your data.

Hider 2 is incredibly easy to use and comes with a range of features that make protecting your data a piece of cake. So, do you know what file or folder you want to hide first? Good, let’s do that one right now:

  1. Launch Hider 2 and set your password.
  2. Once unlocked, click the ⊕ button at the bottom of the app.
  3. Select the file or folder you wish to hide.
  4. Click “Open.”

And that’s it! Your data is now hidden, encrypted, and password-protected. Also, take note that the toggle to the right side of your file lets you switch its visibility status between visible and hidden. So, what about the other parts of Hider 2?

What else is under the hood of Hider 2?
A bunch of gizmos and gadgets that make securing your data simple.

Hider 2 shows its craftsmanship in the quality of its extras. It has features that help keep files organized and accessible to only you, like:

Hider 2 lets you hide data on external drives, set your own file categories, and even enter confidential data straight into Secure Notes. With Hider 2, you know your data is organized and ultra-secure. Get the full version now and start protecting your data.

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