Hider sunset announcement

Dear Hiders, thank you.

A great concern for digital privacy and security has led you to our cherished software, the second product developed by MacPaw over ten years ago. Hider is a small piece of history, its development somewhat of a local legend. Today, July 10, 2019, marks the beginning of its end.

We built Hider because as personal computing was rapidly advancing, personal privacy was being diminished. The more complex systems became, the less users understood their inner workings enough to make sure their information was truly safe. Hider simplified and sped up the process of encrypting files and folders, packing an advanced tool in a beautifully intuitive application. Side-by-side with the original CleanMyMac, Hider handed Mac users the control they were entitled to over their data.

As years at MacPaw progressed and new products emerged, some minimal tools like Hider were tweaked for compatibility with newer operating systems but largely left to work their magic. Because sometimes when a product just works, it shouldn't be ruined by change for the sake of change. Think Zippo, Converse, Coca-Cola.

Now, as MacPaw enters new markets and continues to evolve the capabilities of CleanMyMac X and Setapp, focus is of the essence. A more focused product portfolio means higher-performing, polished tools and more attention paid to users.

As with any departure, and especially with that of such a longstanding app, there will be disappointment. The whole team at MacPaw feels solemn. For those who have been around long enough, Hider was an incredibly trying challenge to develop and one to be very proud of — a local legend indeed.

To secure your files, we recommend “unhiding” them, which will decrypt and restore them to their original locations on your Mac.

To keep your files safe, store them in iCloud. iCloud uses secure encryption, syncs between your devices, and is locked with the same password you use to access your Apple account. Notes can also be stored securely in the Apple Notes app. At MacPaw, we use 1Password to keep our sensitive files and login information in our own hands—it’s a fantastic option. For locking simple, individual files, use Encrypto for free.

We are totally confident in our decision, though it was not an easy choice. It is an opportunity to hone in on some great things coming. Stay tuned. And stay secure.

— Your Team MacPaw

For questions and clarifications, please message: [email protected]