Hider 2

Make your private data private

Hider 2 gives you the ability to hide and encrypt data on your Mac. It’s easy-to-use and ultra-secure.

Your data, protected

Hider 2 is the Fort Knox of digital storage. Anything and everything you hide with Hider 2 is tightly locked up and hidden, making it ultra-secure.

Everything in its place

Organization is key when it comes to hiding and keeping track of files. Hider 2 helps you sort out your data so you don’t have to worry about losing things to the abyss of your hard drive.

  • Custom Grouping

    Create your own custom groups within Hider 2 to keep your data nice and tidy. Nothing is better than clean, categorized hiding.

  • Hide Entire Folders

    Don’t waste time sifting through lists of individual files. Save it by choosing to hide and encrypt entire folders.

  • Secure Notes

    In-app notes are a great way to quickly jot down passwords and phone numbers while remaining organized.

  • Finder Tags Compatibility

    Already tagged? Good. Hider 2 makes sorting and filing hidden files easy with its integration of Finder Tags.

Always at your fingertips

Just because your files are hidden doesn't mean they should be hard for you to access. Hider 2 has many additional features that keep your files within your reach at all times.

Industry experts talk about Hider 2

Hider is an app that makes the process of hiding away and encrypting files quick and easy... If you don't want to mess with encrypting and hiding files on your own, Hider 2 is one of the easiest options.
Thorin Klosowski
It’s a great little tool for anyone looking for a digital hidey-hole, and the encryption is a nice bonus.
Serenity Caldwell
Hider 2 does a lot of work to make encryption and file visibility uncomplicated matters for average Mac user... There’s no denying that Hider’s simplicity makes the process of hiding and encrypting files pleasantly easy.
Federico Vittici
Hider is best thought of as a fireproof safe for your important files and information — complete with a safe-themed login screen.
Nick Mediati
The best way to make sure that nobody steals or reads documents on your Mac that you don't want to share is to make them invisible. That's what Hider 2 from MacPaw accomplishes quickly and easily!
Steve Sande
The program is designed to allow users to hide, encrypt and password-protect sensitive files, whether they are confidential business documents or those pictures of an ex.
MacNN Staff
Hider 2

Hider 2

Take care of your data

Hide your private information, from bank statements to personal notes, under the industry-standard AES-256 encryption — all in one click.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.8 and higher, 15 MB


Starting at $19.95

Latest Version:

2.4.7, 24 May 2018

*4 - rating for all versions, based on 216 user reviews.