How to Delete Cookies on Mac? – Guide for: Safari, Chrome & FireFox

Here’s a handy guide on how to delete cookies on Mac. Removing cookies is naturally directly connected to the browser you use. To make it easier, we'll go over each and show you how to clean up cookies from the three most popular browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Before we plunge into details, I should say there’s an easier (and a considerably faster) way to cleaning cookies, with an app like CleanMyMac X. Try it, it really saves time. first, let’s figure out why you want them deleted.

What are internet cookies?

Cookies are parts of information (tiny pieces of specific data) from websites you visit, which get stored on your computer, and help these websites recognize you when you return.

If you’re wondering why would you call information a biscuit, there are quite a few theories, from bread crumbs in the Hansel and Gretel fairy-tale to Chinese fortune cookies. The true story remains one of the many internet mysteries.

Now, back to business. When you return to the same site later, your browser sends the cookie back to the website, with the information from your last visit. Who needs cookies? The guys who create websites. They need to recognize returning visitors and make their website behave accordingly. Maybe, they’ll show you the items you checked out last time or save your view preferences. Also, cookies are responsible for keeping your usernames.

In a nutshell: a cookie keeps the info about what you’ve done on a website for later use.

Why would you want to erase cookies?

Cookies, while definitely good for the marketing team of the website, might turn out to be a nuisance for you. Some websites raise prices with every new visit by the same user, some offer you the items you might not want to see again (that giant vanilla ice-cream bucket was a one-time thing, we’re through), or show you old usernames you don’t use anymore.

How to clear cookies: the fast way

It’s not hard, but takes some time if you use multiple browsers. In case, you’re not into wasting efforts on cookie-brushing each time you need it, we recommend CleanMyMac X. It’s an amazingly useful app, specifically when it comes to dealing with browser junk. It cleans cookies, caches, histories, plus removes system junk from the Mac itself. 

To clean cookies with CleanMyMac X, simply download the app, go to Privacy module, choose your browser, tick the cookie icon, and hit “Remove”. Voila!

The Privacy module specializes in the info your browsers and messengers store, so it’s exactly what you’re going to need to remove cookies.

How to clean up cookies in browsers manually

To remove cookies by hand, chose your browser from the three sets below and follow the steps.

How to clear cookies in Safari:

To delete cookies in Safari browser by hand you’ll have to dig into its settings. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds though. Here’s how to clear cookies in Safari browser on any Mac:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. At the very top of your screen you’ve got a menu bar. Choose the History tab.
  3. Now click on the Clear History.
  4. Choose the time period (it can be just the for last hour or from the beginning of times).
  5. Hit Clear History.
How to clear cookies in Safari manually

How to clear cookies in Chrome:

To delete cookies in Chrome browser manually you have to get into its History tab, because this is where cookies are stored. Technically, cookies are a part of your search history, after all. So to clean cookies in Chrome browser:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to menu (the burger icon in the top right corner).
  3. Find History, hover on it and wait till the list loads up.
  4. Click on History in the new list.
  5. Choose Clear Browsing Data.
  6. Check Cookies and other site and plugin data.
  7. Choose the time range you need to clear up.
  8. Hit Clear Browsing Data.
Clear browsing data in Google Chrome

How to clear cookies in FireFox:

Finally, to delete cookies in Firefox browser you’ll have to spend only a few seconds. Its Recent History is accessible right from the top menu bar. So, to clear cookies in Firefox browser:

  1. Open FireFox.
  2. Find History (look to the menu bar at the top).
  3. Choose Clear Recent History.
  4. Choose how long back should it clean.
  5. Open the Details arrow.
  6. Check Cookies.
  7. Hit “Clear Now”
How to delete cookies in Firefox

To be on the safe side, you should repeat these steps in your browser once in a while. It’s also a rule of thumb to clean up your caches and other stored info. A browser stuffed with the old information may malfunction, show you something irrelevant or get clingy with advertisement.

Doing it on your own each time is a mess, so CleanMyMac is a good deal. It reduces the whole ordeal to a few clicks, it’s pretty fast, and does a ton more useful things for Mac cleaning. It’s free to download, so give it a go.

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