15 Instagram bio ideas to help you write a bio that stands out

Does your bio on Instagram make a difference? How often should you change it and how long should it be? Your Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters, so make every one of those characters count. Here are 15 Instagram bio ideas to inspire you.

The best Instagram bios with quotes

Got a quote that describes you perfectly? Put it to work on your Instagram. Instagram bio quotes will help followers identify with you and what you stand for. Here are some ideas to help you get started. 

1. @kerstin1704

Not only does Kerstin fill her feed with gorgeous photos, but her quote speaks to all lovers of the outdoors: “And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.” Definitely.

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2. @alberthbyang

“Nothing is impossible, the world itself says I’m possible.” Albert is a traveler who takes incredible photos that almost seem impossible to create, which is why this quote is particularly relevant to him and his Instagram feed.

3. @rachel_masky

“Being normal is vastly overrated.” With this quote, your first impression is that Rachel isn’t posting pretty landscape photos and fashion shoots, at least not the kind you’re used to. And you’re right: Rachel is a storyteller and cosplayer, and her feed is full of awesome cosplay fashion shots that are about as far from normal as you can get. 

4. @alexisren

“Make your mind the most beautiful thing about you.” Alexis posts raw selfies and fashion shots with minimalistic captions to share with more than 13 million followers. 

5. @aliss_ott

“You can’t laugh at everything and everyone, but you can try.” Alice is a traveler who believes in love in all forms. She posts photos from beautiful locations around the world in a curated Instagram feed that will bring out the wanderlust in just about anyone. 

Funny and cool Instagram bio ideas

Do you have a super cool interest or career that you can talk up on your profile? How about a sassy punchline you want to share with the world? Creating a funny or cool Instagram bio will help your potential followers remember you for all the right reasons. 

6. @lilireinhart

Sometimes short and sweet can make a big impression. Influencer Lili Reinhart gets right to the point with “I take as many naps as I can.” Don’t we all wish we could do the same?

7. @haleypham

“Narcissist online, shy in person.” When you can tell it like it is in five words, you get a standing ovation for being on-point and cool. Haley Pham does just that, and her feed, which is all selfies, is both fun and stylish.

8. @daviddobrik

David Dobrik’s bio is another short snapshot into his Instagram world. He simply describes himself as “sexy, gorgeous, and humble.” And really, who wouldn’t want to find out more after reading that?

9. @aaashleyk

“30-day free trial to view my existence. Make sure you double tap the follow button.” This clever bio does make you wonder, is Ashley’s Instagram existence really worth the free trial? Will we get our money back if we aren’t satisfied? With more than 45,000 followers, Ashley must be doing something right.

10. @b_goutish

“Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.” Can you guess what Amiel posts about on her Instagram feed? You got it. She posts almost exclusively about food and is an editor at large for Bon Appetit magazine.

Cute Instagram bios

Cute Instagram bios don’t have to be all about hearts and unicorns. They can be quirky, sweet, funny, or romantic. Here are some cute Instagram bios that are worth checking out.

11. @totinos

“Oh hi, I’m Pete. Just an actual Pizza Roll livin’ that pizza life. Live Free, Couch Hard.” Pete Zaroll is telling it like it is in his bio, and the results are both funny and, well, cute. You may end up following @totinos just to see what his world is all about. I mean, life as a pizza roll can’t be easy. 

12. @bluebearythegoldenbear

It’s pretty easy to be cute when you’re a ball of fluff, and according to Bluebeary’s bio, he’s “the fluffiest ball of sunshine you will ever see.” The photos confirm this, in case you’re interested.

13. @ashley_leavitt_

Ashley is a blogger and mother who shares gorgeous photos on her feed. Here profile tells you a little about her: “Mama of two, obsessed with her kids, addicted to coffee, and taking too many pictures, believer, dream away.” We think it’s pretty cute, and so do her followers.

14. @vintagerevivals

“Friends don’t let friends have beige houses.” Can you tell that Mandi is an interior designer, or what she calls a “fearless DIYer?” Her bio also mentions that she is converting a 1928 mercantile store into her dream home. If you share similar passions, this gorgeous home and garden account with a cute Instagram bio is for you.

15. @Loki

“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?” If you’re a dog lover looking for dog accounts to follow, then this little quote from Loki the Wolfdog may just inspire you to hit the follow button. It doesn’t hurt that the photos of Loki are gorgeous and perfectly curated.

Ready to up your Instagram game with a bio that will stand out from the millions of other users? Consider the following examples before crafting your perfect Instagram bio.

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