5 Instagram Feed templates used by popular influencers

Social media may have started as a way to casually connect with friends, but platforms like Instagram have developed into professional networks where people can earn money from sponsored posts, make new business contacts, and even land new jobs and clients. 

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, everyone can benefit from making their Instagram feed more attractive. What better way to do that than by using the same Instagram profile templates that some of the most popular influencers are using? 

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What is an Instagram profile template? 

Instead of just posting photos and videos on a whim, professionals take into consideration the process of curating their feeds. A simple Google search of "how to make a good Instagram Feed" can result in an overwhelming amount of options and complicated tutorials. 

That's where using an Instagram Feed template comes in. 

Rather than wasting time experimenting with (and potentially deleting) your posts to create a more professional feed, you can simply follow a template to dictate your posting schedule. Then you can rest easy knowing that your feed looks cohesive and clean with every post you make. 

Want to try one out? We've collected some of our favorites below — all of which are free to try out! 

Here are our favorite Instagram Feed templates

If you've used Story or post templates in the past, you might be confused by Instagram Feed templates. Don't let the word "template" mislead you; you're not using an app to add in photos and graphics to predetermined spaces. Instead, you're taking notice of a certain artistic posting pattern and following it to a T. 

The time, day, and frequency of your posting schedule are irrelevant. You can choose whatever works for you. However, you do need to follow the posting sequence for whichever Instagram Feed template you choose. 

To make the process easier, we suggest you download an Instagram layout preview app like Preview or Planoly so you can play with your new Feed before you post a single image. 

1. Consistent filters and editing

Using the same filters and editing processes for each of your posts is a basic example of creating a cohesive and attractive Instagram Feed. This template is probably the easiest to recreate and still makes for a gorgeous, professional look. All you need to implement this layout is a carefully selected filter and editing process. 

Here's how you do it: 

  1. Choose your filter and color scheme. You can use Instagram's built-in filters or one from a third-party app like VSCO. 
  2. Edit every new photo you post the same way. 
  3. Try to stick to a similar color scheme if you can. Using the same color combination consistently will make your feed look even better over time.
  4. Post a photo one square at a time, in no particular order. 
  5. Keep posting. 

Some Instagram users use what are called Presets to achieve this look. Presets are saved settings that you can purchase and download to edit a photo in Photoshop. Presets can cost nothing or run as high as $15 to $20, depending on who is selling them. But you do have to understand the basics of Adobe Photoshop, and you’ll need to download the software to use them, which may cost an additional $9.99 a month. 

Instagram profile template: Consistent filters

2. Checkerboard

Sometimes, just knowing what kind of content you’re going to post next makes the whole social media thing easier. With a tiled checkerboard-style layout, that’s exactly what you get. Influencers like Gala Darling and Cerebralmist use it to create beautiful feeds that look artistic without much effort. 

While the most popular way to recreate this is by sharing a photo, then a quote, and then a photo. There are other ways you could mimic this trend, such as:

  • Quote, photo, quote
  • Photo, icon, photo
  • Photo, link or blog post, photo 
  • Portrait, landscape, portrait

The possibilities for this layout are endless, and it’s a quick way to make your feed look more consistent.

The checkerboard Instagram layout template

3. Row

If you're seeking a layout that looks pretty and breaks up your feed a little, a row-by-row layout is for you. Used by creators like PersonalJournalApp and artist Teko Lewis, this Instagram Feed layout will take your social media game to the next level. 

Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Post three similar photos to create a "row" on your Feed. 
  2. Then post another set of three similar photos that contrast the last set you posted. 
  3. Repeat. 

Some people choose to let each row of photos tell a story — selecting three photos from a vacation they recently took, for example. Others just keep the images in the same color scheme, or they post three photos of quotes, then three regular photos to create that contrast. 

While it doesn't matter if you post all three photos at once or on different days, you do want to make sure that each photo makes sense when you post it on its own. 

Instagram feed template: The row

4. Down the middle 

Another possible remedy for your feed woes is the “down the middle” grid. Used by the likes of An Tonija and MySimpleGram, this layout is as straightforward as it sounds. You create a line down the middle of your feed by posting a specific kind of photo every three images. 

Usually, people opt to use photos with a white background or a quote or graphic with a white background to make it easy to streamline and to promote scrolling. But you can get creative and do the reverse: a white-background photo every two images, followed by a standard photo. 

Instagram grid template: Down the middle

5. Puzzle feed

Probably one of the most refreshing feed layouts — and the toughest to achieve — is the puzzle feed layout. Expertly crafted by influencers like web designer SimplyWhyteDesign and artist Juniper Oats, this feed style usually requires tools like Adobe Photoshop. However, blogger Ivory Mix found a way to recreate this look without years of graphic design school or expensive computer programs. 

The trick to making this unique grid style work is ensuring that your photos retain their high quality after you split them. Each photo also must look satisfactory when it stands alone. Otherwise, your followers might get confused when you post it. 

Here’s how to build a puzzle feed layout: 

  1. Create a collage image in an app like PicMonkey. For a 9-square puzzle, the total size of the collage image should be 3240 x 3240 pixels. For a tall 12-square puzzle, the dimensions should be 3240 x 4320.
  2. Use an image-splitting app. There are a number of these to choose from, but PhotoSplit is a popular one. 
  3. Split the image and start posting! 

If creating your own puzzle-themed grid from scratch sounds uber-intimidating, don’t worry! There are tons of free layouts you can use to get started. Canva has some that are especially simple for beginners. 

Photo and Story templates

While your head may already be spinning with new ideas for your Instagram Feed, your creativity doesn’t have to stop at the grid. There are layouts for virtually every aspect of the social media app, including Stories and posts. 

Instagram Story templates are essentially premade layouts that may include text, graphics, or even animations. Using the same template for all of your Stories is a quick and easy way to stay on-brand. Instagram post templates are the same thing but formatted for posts on your Feed. 

No matter how you choose to lay out your Instagram, a theme provides not only consistency and flow to your followers but helps you determine precisely what you're going to post next. Whether you’re using your social media presence for fun or to find new career opportunities, using feed layouts is an excellent way to up your Insta-game. 

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