ListenToYouTube malware: How to protect your Mac?

Why ListenToYouTube is a cyber threat

Comparable to other trojan and malware viruses, ListenToYouTube hopes to attract users through an attempt to appear legitimate. Don't fall for this trick. Yes, it has a website, even going so far as to have an FAQ, Terms of Service, and other seemingly real signs that it does what it says on the tin and provides a genuine service for those who download the software.

ListenToYouTube may also come bundled in with other software, a seemingly genuine application that will appeal to many people who listen to YouTube videos for the music. Watching them isn't as important to some, so converting them into MP3 format sounds appealing. However, if you click on this website and attempt to download anything, your Mac risks getting a malware virus that can cause damage. 

According to various reports online, clicking on any of the links results in a download labeled: mp3.exe. Other reports indicate that ListenToYouTube downloads a new System file known as “Processor.” ListenToYouTube also generates fake “security errors” and Mac health warnings, encouraging people to email or call a helpline for assistance. In every case, this website is attempting - and in many cases succeeding - to download an executable malware virus onto a Mac.

It is unknown as of this point, partly due to the low number of people infected and its attempts. However, the very appearance of a known malware virus on a Mac is a cause for alarm. It could be the case that the virus wasn’t fully operational when it was discovered, or it works similar to other viruses whereby it attempts to steal data and send that information to a command and control (C&C) server.

Whether or not this virus is active, ListenToYouTube poses a risk to your Mac's security and should be removed. Here is how you do that.

How to remove ListenToYouTube

It is possible to remove the malware manually. However, it's not always easy.

In order to remove it, you need to check in the following locations:

  • /Library/Application Support/
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/
  • /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/
  • /System/Library/Frameworks/

Take anything to the Trash that you don't recognize or expressly tabled as ListenToYouTube, mp3.exe, or any variation of those. Empty your Trash and then restart your Mac after this.

Whenever removing viruses manually is necessary, always take care to avoid putting anything in the trash that you need to run legitimate software programs. Be careful what you delete.

If you aren't confident in making too many technical changes or simply want to make sure this and any other viruses are gone easily and safely, consider using a malware removal tool, such as CleanMyMac X.

Remove ListenToYouTube safely with CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a powerful tool for improving the performance of your Mac. Make your Mac run faster, as good as new, without loads of junk and useless files. CleanMyMac X also comes with an invaluable Malware Removal tool. We regularly update the database to tackle as many known viruses and threats as possible.

CleanMyMac X - Smart Scan

Follow these steps to remove ListenToYouTube:

  1. Download CleanMyMac X (free trial available).
  2. Click on Malware Removal.
  3. Click Scan.
  4. Click Remove.
Removing malware files

After that, your Mac will be operating at peak performance again. Good as new, without any viruses, infections, trojans, or malware.

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CleanMyMac X

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