How to remove mSpy from a Mac

Sometimes, it’s the things that have the best of intentions that can cause the most harm. The same could be said for the app mSpy. It’s marketed as an app that will give worried parents peace of mind by providing them with the ability to track their kids’ devices and monitor their activity. But in the wrong hands and with the wrong product, it can be a massive breach of privacy for unsuspecting victims.

This article will help you detect mSpy spyware and learn how to remove mSpy from your Mac.




Slow performance and privacy breach

Infection methodMalware and self-installation
System damage

Collecting pictures and files, tracking keystrokes, and storing sensitive information


CleanMyMac X and manual removal

What is mSpy?

Originally an app for mobile devices like iOS and Android, mSpy gives you the ability to monitor text messages sent (including pictures and videos), apps installed, location data, or call logs and even record their screen. You can see how this might be enticing to a parent of a new-phone user.

However, it’s a huge invasion of privacy if it’s installed without your permission. What makes it even more concerning is that the company that makes the app has expanded its device support to include macOS. This means that a hacker could use mSpy as a tool to gain access to sensitive files and data that you have stored on your computer.

Is mSpy a scam?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Because, at face value, mSpy is a legitimate app. But if a hacker or scammer is using it, then yes, it can be used to scam you. If you find mSpy on your hard drive and have no idea how it got there, it would be safe to assume that you already know the answer to “Is mSpy a scam?”

How does mSpy work?

mSpy functions like most cloud-based services. Once the app is installed on a Mac, it will sync all of the info to its cloud. From there, the administrator of the mSpy account will be able to review the data on their personal device.

But this presents an entirely new security problem. Like any cloud-based service, a security breach on the company’s cloud could cause data to be leaked, which is exactly what happened to the company in 2022. The company announced that they’d suffered from a breach, leaving many of their customers’ data at risk.

How to detect mSpy spyware on your Mac?

If you’re asking, “is mSpy detectable?” The good news is that it is. And the simplest way to check for it is in the Applications folder.

  1. Open a new Finder window.
  2. Click Go > Applications.
  3. Scroll down and find mSpy.

How to remove mSpy from your Mac automatically with CMM

On the chance that a hacker used some backdoor to install mSpy on your computer, it might not seem as obvious. Thankfully, CleanMyMac X can help you scan your Mac and help you quickly remove any trace of mSpy.

Once you download CleanMyMac X and install it, just follow these few steps to check for mSpy:

  1. Open CleanMyMac X.
  2. On the left side, click Malware Removal.
  3. Click the Scan button.

Give it a couple of minutes, and CleanMyMac X will search for anything malicious on your Mac, not just mSpy. When the app is done scanning, all you have to do is click Remove, and the app will get rid of everything it found.

Manual steps to remove mSpy malware

Of course, you don’t necessarily need an app to scan and remove mSpy malware if you have already found it in Finder. You can get rid of the spyware in almost as many steps:

  1. Open a new Finder window.
  2. Click Go > Applications.
  3. Find mSpy and then drag the icon to your Trash.
  4. Hold down Control and click the Trash icon.
  5. Select Empty Trash.

Tip: Even though you can remove mSpy manually, it’s still a good idea to scan with CleanMyMac X afterward. Especially if you aren’t sure how it was installed on your computer – you never know what other malicious apps might be lurking on your hard drive.

How to prevent infecting a Mac with spyware

While I wish there was one surefire step I could recommend to you that could help protect your Mac from spyware, I can’t. As security measures are improving and getting smarter, so are hackers and the spyware they create.

What I can tell you are a few best practices that can help you decrease your chances of getting spyware or identifying when it’s been installed.

  • Only install apps or download files from trusted sources.
  • Use an antivirus app.
  • Regularly scan with CleanMyMac X using the steps above. That way, if something does get installed, you’ll at least be able to catch it in a few days.

mSpy was created with the explicit intention of tracking and monitoring private information. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and does not shy away from boasting about that fact. But, sadly, that’s always what makes it a scary tool.

Your private information is just that – private. There’s no telling what a hacker could do with your sensitive data.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re feeling a bit better about being able to identify and remove mSpy from your Mac. You can’t always get rid of every risk, but simply being aware of them helps better protect yourself

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