Photo Zoom adware: How to detect and remove it on a Mac

Mac users with the Photo Zoom infection will see a whole load of unexpected and unwanted advertising. This means that the adware has been installed (often without your knowledge) as a plugin/extension in your web browser. Comparable to other extensions, this gives it a certain amount of control over how you experience the internet.

Instead of the sort of experience, you might be used to, Photo Zoom hijacks the browser. It injects adverts, pop-ups, advert redirects, and even hyperlinked words in web pages that also direct even more adverts. Everywhere you go, there will be adverts and recommendations that you download software - all of that will contain other viruses. 

Adware such as Photo Zoom is not harmless. Apart from being annoying, this is a potentially dangerous backdoor into your Mac from the underworld of the internet. These days, adware and malware are often directly connected to the dark web. Cyber gangs can use or even hijack these viruses to take control of computers, either stealing data or taking control of a Mac. Cybercriminals can also use them to take over the computer processing power of a Mac, using them to mine crypto-coins or participate without the owners' knowledge in a DDoS attack.

How can a Mac get infected?

Often, adware and similar viruses are bundled in with other software people download from the internet. If you don't go to a software website directly but instead download from third-party websites, the adware can get bundled into whatever else you wanted to download.

Adware creators bundle what they've made without the provider or platform being aware of it. However, once you’ve clicked to accept the download and install the program(s), the adware is included in those permissions, which means you’ve allowed it to hijack your browser.

Photo Zoom is known for bringing the following adware and other viruses with it, so when you want to solve this problem, you may also need to look out for these on your Mac and in your browsers: Online HD TV, PutLockerDownload, TornTV, 1ClickDown, 1ClickDownloader, FB Photo Zoom,, HDvid Codec, IB Updater, Incredibar Toolbar, OneClickDownload, OneClickDownloader.

Note: There is another app called PhotoZoom, and we must be careful not to confuse them. PhotoZoom - the most recent version is PhotoZoom Classic 7 - created by BenVista, a photo imaging software company running since 2005. It is a legitimate software program that comes with award-winning S-Spline interpolation technology. This PhotoZoom is not the same Photo Zoom that causes annoying adverts to popup within web browsers.

As with any virus, the sooner you remove it, the sooner your Mac will return to normal. It’s also the most effective way to avoid any other online risks associated with having an adware virus operating on your Mac.

How to remove Photo Zoom?

For most people, there is a good chance you don't have this adware virus as they have a short lifecycle, and Apple and web browser providers are constantly updating security settings.

Step #1:

To start with, if you are removing this manually, check your Applications folder for the following:


Step #2:

If you find this, then go to your browsers (always best to check all of them, start with your default browser) and locate the browser extensions and plug-ins. Browsers all come with quick, simple ways to remove any plugins/extensions you don't want or need, so removing these should be easier.

Step #3:

Next, make sure to reset search engines and DNS settings back to your default. This way, you should avoid any recurrence of this or similar adware programs appearing on your Mac.

Step #4:

After this, manually check other files and folders in your Mac (Applications and Library are top priority) to make sure you’ve found any other trace of Photo Zoom and removed it.

Is there an easier way to remove Photo Zoom?

Yes, there is, with CleanMyMac X.

CleanMyMac X is a powerful all-in-one tool for complete care of your Mac. With its help, you can easily remove junk files, speed up the system, and keep it safe from malware threats. 

To clear Photo Zoom out of your system this way, you need to do the following:

  1. Download CleanMyMac X and launch the app.
  2. Click on Malware Removal on the left.
  3. Click Scan.
  4. Click Remove.

After that, your Mac will be operating at peak performance again. As good as new, without unwanted adverts, pop-ups, and other viruses.

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CleanMyMac X

Your Mac. As good as new.