How to remove FinSpy from Mac

For people worried about their privacy and cyber security, the FinSpy malware is everything you’ve feared. It’s one of the most invasive and nefarious trojans that can infect your computer. And unfortunately, it’s designed to target cross-platform. Meaning it can infect your macOS and iOS devices.

But, you’ve come to the right place. If you think your Mac has been infected by FinSpy, in this article, we'll explain how to remove FinSpy and protect your Mac from other threats.




No noticeable symptoms

Infection methodBundling with malicious apps
System damage

Password breaches and stolen data


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What is FinSpy?

FinSpy (also known as FinFisher) is a commercial spyware program sold to law enforcement organizations worldwide. Once installed on a Mac, it can intercept messages, track sensitive data, and even silently record your audio and video.

Unlike other malware that’s installed as an app or browser extension, FinSpy can modify part of the operating system to be able to run and gain access to your Mac.

How is a Mac infected with FinSpy?

Like most malware, FinSpy can infect a Mac through a compromised app installation. It pretends to be a file-sharing app, a remote access tool, or even a media player.

FinSpy can also make its way onto any Mac using the malspam technique: sending emails with malicious attachments or links, which, once opened or clicked, download a trojan on your Mac.

How does FinSpy harm your Mac?

Once FinSpy is installed, it has complete control of your computer. The only bright spot is that, typically, FinSpy doesn't do much damage to your Mac. Because it's just going after your information, it doesn't attempt to overclock your processor or lock you out of your hard drive.

What data does FinSpy steal?

Everything. That might sound dramatic, but it’s true. FinSpy goes after everything it can find on your computer. It looks for text messages, emails, pictures, bank data, PDFs, word documents, etc. If it’s saved on your hard drive, FinSpy will try to upload it to its server.

Not only does FinSpy try to steal your data, but it will also literally attempt to spy on you. It can take screenshots as you’re using your Mac. And if that wasn’t bad enough, FinSpy will even turn on your camera and microphone to record you.

How to avoid FinSpy?

The best way to avoid FinSpy and protect your Mac from other similar malware is by only installing applications from trusted sources. Making sure you’re downloading the software directly from developers and not third-party websites can make all the difference.

A popular tactic for hackers and scammers is to find noted applications, add their malware to the installation file, and market the software as a professional or premium version of the app.

How to remove FinSpy from Mac automatically with CleanMyMac X

While detecting FinSpy on your own may be difficult, with the help of the app CleanMyMac X it’s easy to scan your hard drive and remove it.

In fact, CleanMyMac X has been notarized by Apple to help optimize your computer’s performance. One of the ways it can help you do that is by scanning and removing any malicious software that’s targeting your Mac. The app has a regularly updated malware database to catch even the latest Mac threats. Plus, you it’s so easy to use:

  1. Download the app here. Install and launch it.
  2. In the sidebar, click Malware Removal.
  3. Then, click Scan.
  4. When the scan is done, select FinSpy and then click Remove.

And the malware is gone. There’s nothing else you need to do.

How to prevent infecting a Mac with backdoors

One of the best ways to help prevent FinSpy or other backdoor malware is by regularly scanning your Mac. Since the scan with CleanMyMac X is so simple and fast, it’s a convenient solution.

Another great feature that can help you catch backdoor malware is CleanMyMac X’s real-time monitoring. It’ll help detect any compromised files as soon as you install them onto your computer. After you have CleanMyMac X opened, here’s how to make sure it’s enabled:

  1. Click the CleanMyMac X menu in your Mac’s toolbar at the top.
  2. All you need to do is click Turn On in the Protection section.

As far as malware and spyware go, FinSpy is possibly one of the most invasive ones out there. But the good news is you’re not out of options. Hopefully, after reading this article, you see just how easy it can be to remove FinSpy and get back your privacy.

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