6 Things you can do with ClearVPN

Some of you are already enjoying the first personalized VPN for a secure and expanded online experience. For other, unfamiliar with ClearVPN and its capabilities — we've compiled a starter pack of 6 things you can do with ClearVPN! Do you know that user-friendly ClearVPN meets your needs based on your preferences? Try its personalized shortcuts! Use ClearVPN to stay safe, secure, and anonymous whatever you do online.

Why do you need a VPN?

To avoid surveillance

    1. Threats from tracking the users. Internet users are tracked a lot these days. Unfortunately, your ISP and many websites monitor/keep logs of your online activities.
    2. How does protection work? Use ClearVPN and the websites/your ISP can’t see your real IP address. All your connections are encrypted and secure.
    3. Stay safe (A reliable ClearVPN keeps your confidential data safe and protects you against cyber threats. ISPs, search engines, and other websites won’t spy on you.
    4. ClearVPN lets you browse, communicate or stream without ISP’s tracking or slowing down your connection depending on the website.

    During travel

    1. Better prices. Save a part of your vacation budget. Use a reliable VPN service to have cheaper flights, more attractive hotels booking, a reasonable car rental).
    2. Access the content without restrictions. A big share of the content is limited based on the user’s location. Bypass these restrictions with ClearVPN and access your favorite content.
    3. Access social media. Internet censorship is widespread. If you travel to the country where SM is banned, use a VPN to access the platform.
    4. Secure online banking. Travelers are usually recommended to take as little cash as possible for security purposes. But online banking isn’t very safe, especially when you are abroad. VPN secures your online transactions using strong encryption and protects you from potential cyberattacks.

    Make your traveling even more exciting and secure with ClearVPN!

    To stay safe on public Wi-Fi


      Since we aspire to have internet access everywhere, we might use unsecured networks. Travelers are more vulnerable to online threats because they need an internet connection for many reasons. Public Wi-Fi gives us immediate internet connectivity; it’s free, convenient, but insecure. It exposes your data and online privacy. You can never know where the threat will come from.

      Vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit

      • No password or encryption (hackers can see all the traffic)
      • Man-in-the-middle-attack (there is someone in between your device and the internet)


      Be aware of online security risks. When you access Wi-Fi, you need secure browsing. ClearVPN is your perfect travel partner. VPN creates a secure tunnel and all your data is encrypted. It will ensure your online safety and resist online criminals willing to misuse your data. ClearVPN protects users’ personal data with top-level encryption.

      • Usernames, passwords
      • Online banking details
      • Photos, videos, files.
      • Browsing history
      • Other personal information.

      It’s wise to encrypt your data every time you connect to unknown networks. To browse the internet securely on public Wi-Fi, make sure you always use ClearVPN!

      Nowadays the increasing number of internet users is getting seriously worried about online privacy and security. Cybersecurity is a must because of a wide range of risks just like user’s identity theft, hacking, phishing, scamming, etc. That’s why a reliable VPN solution is a must to browse anonymously and avoid tracking, access geographically restricted content, and enjoy the benefits of internet neutrality. ClearVPN is the only one you’ll ever need. Let’s get inside.

      ClearVPN is personalized, powerful and hassle-free

      The main idea of ClearVPN is to be easy to use. It has some distinguishing features.

      DynamicFlow technology

        DynamicFlow is the innovative VPN technology integrated into the ClearVPN ecosystem. The technology instantly analyzes the user’s current network status (servers, local restrictions, actual regional content limitations, etc.) and connects to the fastest idle server to enable secure online access based on user activity or goal, without the need to do it manually.

        Ready-made personalized shortcuts

          Unlike other VPNs that leave users manually choosing servers, ClearVPN focuses on users' needs. Depending on users’ location, network status, and app activity, ClearVPN offers shortcuts that address the causes why users choose VPN in the first place. Whether they want to access content, browse securely or stay private — ClearVPN helps discover the full possibilities of every online journey. Even the ones users didn't know existed.

          Top 6 ClearVPN shortcuts

          Unblock Streaming and Entertainment

            Everyone is familiar with a situation when one gets a message on the screen. Sorry, this content isn’t available in your region. It’s because the content is restricted. And you aren’t in that region. ClearVPN is a great solution to bypass geo-restrictions and unblocks streaming services. It ensures access to any streaming site and the best speed and security.

            Watch Regional Netflix

              There is a problem with Netflix’s licensing and distribution agreements. Netflix looks different in every country. If you want to watch a particular video, you need reliable access. ClearVPN is perfect to access Netflix USA, UK, etc. as it pretends you are in a different country.

              Remember! A free VPN is useless because of the limited bandwidth, ridiculously low speed, and poor security. Netflix will know that you’re using a free VPN because of the proxy error message.

              Browse Securely and Privately

                Browse the internet using ClearVPN, and be safe because of:

                • Hiding your IP address and identity. You are protected due to a new IP address; your identity is masked. You are anonymous and safe.
                • Secure connection. End-to-end encryption protocols make your internet browsing secure.
                • Anonymous browsing and online privacy. You have a different IP address; your data is encrypted and rerouted. You are invisible.
                • Top encryption. ClearVPN has AES-256 encryption to eliminate any vulnerabilities and achieve a high-speed connection. Except for IPSec IKEV2 and OpenVPN, ClearVPN has its own security protocol.
                • A strict no-logs policy. ClearVPN stores no logs of your online activities.
                • Multiple device protection. ClearVPN offers multiplatform solutions and it’s available on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows devices. All of your devices are protected.

                  Here's an easy way to secure your online journey:
                  1. Install ClearVPN on your device (we use macOS as an example in the picture below)
                  2. Open the app and activate Browse Privately and Securely shortcut.
                  3. That’s it! Your online journey is protected and private.

                Improve Online Gaming

                  Many internet users are obsessed with online gaming. Let’s take a quick look at common situations.

                  • Want protection from threatening DDoS?
                  • Lags in video games? Lagging hard in the final circle of your game?
                  • Think gamers are too expensive in your area?

                  ClearVPN ensures low-ping secure gaming at your service. There are so many reasons to get a good VPN for gaming, from getting DDos, swatting through the game prices, and ISP throttling causing massive in-game lags. Use ClearVPN to:

                  • Change your region;
                  • Get rid of DDoS attacks;
                  • Access blocked games;
                  • Avoid ISP throttling.

                  ClearVPN will connect you to the best idle server to enhance your gaming experience.

                  Access Download Sites

                    File sharing is what users really like. This shortcut lets you access the best download websites securely and with online privacy. Every time you download a file (a video, a song) someone else can see your IP address. Even if you're not dealing with copyrighted content, using filesharing sites can be prohibited in the region. ClearVPN is hiding your IP address from your ISP to help you not get be fined. 

                    Important factors to P2P connection:

                    • Online privacy policy
                    • IP leak protection
                    • Download speed
                    • Torrenting policy
                    • Kill-switch

                    It’s vital for the user to disconnect immediately from the internet if the VPN connection is lost. So, the IP will never be exposed. ClearVPN is a solid VPN solution to protect you while torrenting (top encryption, fast servers, no-logs policy). 

                    Bypass geo-limitations

                      Since we live in the information era, we strive to get access to any data on the web for educational, informative, or entertainment purposes 24/7, even while traveling. But there might be some reasons why a resource is blocked:

                      • restricted country;
                      • the content is for national use only;
                      • license, etc.

                      VPN is the easiest and the most reliable way to access any content limited in your region. Use it to unblock any websites by hiding your IP address. Your real location, digital identity, and online activities will be safe. ClearVPN will encrypt your data for maximum security, your traffic will be rerouted through various servers and then access is granted. ClearVPN is helpful to bypass any network restrictions or online bans and stay secure.

                      ClearVPN has shortcuts for all occasions. They are updated on a regular basis to offer you the best access services along with advanced security-related solutions.


                      ClearVPN is a great cybersecurity solution you can use everywhere. Even the most privacy-concerned users will adore it. This effortless tool offers ready-made personalized solutions. It’s user-friendly, innovative, secure, trustworthy, and helpful. ClearVPN is the only solution that understands users’ needs and makes your browsing clear and fun. It helps you to do what you want and suggests a connection to the best server based on your online interactions.

                      ClearVPN has an impressive interface and design for your comfort. All the actions you want to make are very easy and clear because of specially designed shortcuts. This is the thing you’ll definitely love. Try the shortcuts to get access to your favorite content in one tap and ClearVPN will exceed your expectations! ClearVPN is your privacy friend able to add value to your browsing experience and ensure your online activities.

                      The first effortless VPN solution for users who care about online privacy and want to access more content with just a tap.