Meet the new CleanMyMac X update for macOS Catalina

As soon as Apple announced the new version of macOS at WWDC this June, we’ve started working on CleanMyMac’s compatibility with Catalina. We’ve released three Beta versions that included various changes and improvements essential for the smooth work of the application on the future macOS. Today we’re excited to announce the new version of CleanMyMac X that will make your Catalina trip much smoother and safer.

 Let’s see what comes with this update. 

CleanMyMac X + Catalina = 🚀

CleanMyMac X is fully compatible with the new macOS. We’ve made significant under-the-hood changes to ensure smooth and stable performance on Catalina. Now it’s running like a champ on the latest operating system.

Once you launch CleanMyMac, you may notice the changes in the application sidebar menu. It’s got a fresh look. Two modules — Photo Junk and iTunes Junk — became irrelevant on macOS Catalina, so they were removed. But that’s no reason to be upset — now we’ve got place for the new more useful tools 🙂

Real-time protection

This update also brings the brand-new feature — real-time malware monitoring. Now you can stop malware from installing and running on your Mac and stay safe 24/7. Let’s see how it works.

Real-time is protection is a background process that checks your system for any suspicious activity. Once a potential threat is detected, you’ll instantly get a notification from CleanMyMac X about malware. All you have to do is check it out and get rid of the threat before any harm is done to your Mac. 

Detection of new types of threats

Maintaining privacy and keeping your data protected against malware are hugely important. We’re always working on improving the checkup of your Mac for all kinds of vulnerabilities. We regularly update our malware database and look for the new types of threats that may harm your system. And that’s exactly what we’ve done in this CleanMyMac X update. Now the Malware Removal tool can detect new types of threats.

We can’t wait for you to see the new version in action. And if you have any suggestions on how we can improve CleanMyMac X, drop us a message. We’ll be happy to implement your ideas!

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Your CleanMyMac X Team ❤️