Our birthday promises and the CleanMyMac-shaped cake

CleanMyMac X has made one more turn around the sun. But wait, do apps have birthdays? In our case yes, as CleanMyMac X is trying to act human in every way. Every year we make a cake and prepare the birthday theme to let the world know.

Take a look at our birthday skins from the previous years. We’re sure you recognize some of them.


This year we decided to go with the happy cat, which is, by all means, a safe bet🙂

Over the last year CleanMyMac X has cleaned some crazy amounts of junk from your Macs. 14 mln terabytes of data, to be exact😲.We thank every one of you who bought our app, kept sending suggestions, and simply was there, on the other side of the screen. If only we could clap with our screen wipers!

And while we hold this glass of 🥂Moët & Chandon, we want to promise you a few things:

  • CleanMyMac X will become even better and more powerful.
  • We’ll be looking for ways to prevent issues on your Mac.
  • Your feature suggestions will be heard.
  • Junk will be gone if you hit Remove.

And now, let’s go to the cake part — this was a real cake that disappeared way too soon🙂.