MacPaw officially becomes the most unboring company

According to whom, you say? Well… who said this title can’t be self-appointed? Today we have chosen a new motto for our company: Make useful unboring.

From the earliest versions of CleanMyMac (who remembers it?), we’ve always probed unusual roads. And hiring two cats as official employees is not even the strangest thing that we’ve done. As for the useful part, that doesn’t need any proof, since our apps are already on your Mac. Just look them up in your Dock!

On the surface, our utilities might not seem like a trip to Mars. They fix small everyday things.

“A lot of people feel ashamed that they’re not involved in world changing processes. Should they? Not really. We aren’t changing the world by creating our apps and utilities. But we are changing the life of each user a little. While everyone is perplexed by big questions about humanity, we’re thinking about people. We do believe that people will do much more useful things once boredom is removed. Our big goal is to Make Useful Unboring,” said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO of MacPaw.

And we’ve got one unboring thing to share with you today. Our new video! This is going to be the strangest thing you’ve seen in weeks. Is the video too eccentric? No doubt. Crazy? Yep. Unboring? Absolutely!

What do you think? Is your mind blown? Show this video to your most unboring friends.