CleanMyMac X Assistant

If you ever get lost among optimization options and need the advice of a cleanup professional, CleanMyMac X Assistant will get you out of trouble. You can always find it in the upper-right corner of the CleanMyMac window.

Tips & tricks

Just click the Assistant button and let it:

  • Suggest you further cleanup and optimization steps
  • Remind about uncompleted procedures and necessity of the regular cleanup
  • Give tips to use CleanMyMac more effectively

Module navigation

You can use the Assistant as a navigator through all modules of CleanMyMac. When you enter a type of the junk or a name of the feature in the Assistant’s search field, it offers the appropriate module.

Also, you can type in one or more keywords that describe your question on CleanMyMac’s functionality, and the Assistant will show you some useful info on this regard.

Silent mode

If you don’t want any notifications from the Assistant, go to CleanMyMac X → Preferences  → the Assistant tab and choose the "Enable silent mode" checkbox. Remember, you can still call on it by clicking the Assistant button.

Regular cleanups

The Assistant reminds you about regular cleanups once in a while to keep your Mac in good shape. You can disable them in CleanMyMac X Preferences on the Notifications tab.

Send us your feedback and suggestions so that we can make the Assistant even smarter.

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