How to reset your CleanMyMac license

Your CleanMyMac license number can only be used on one Mac, unless you bought a license for multiple Macs. To transfer your license to a different Mac, you need to first deactivate CleanMyMac on the Mac it is activated. 

To do this, please follow next steps:

1. Launch CleanMyMac 3 on your old Mac and click on CleanMyMac 3 in your menu bar.

2. Select Activation Info in the Menu, and then click Deactivate License in the dialog that pops up.

3. Use the same activation code on your new Mac and that's it. 

If you've removed the app already, or do not have access to that computer anymore, or forgot the activation code, use License Retrieval to recover and reset your license via e-mail. 

After CleanMyMac has been deactivated, it can be installed and activated on the Mac of your choice with your original activation number.

In case you face any problems, contact our Customer Support for assistance. 

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