Compatible with
Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10

A Clean PC in a Matter of Minutes

CleanMyPC is a powerful, easy-to-use application for keeping your PC
clean and organized. It removes files that take up valuable disk space and
slow your PC down. Simply put, it’s the best app for cleaning up your PC!

Clean Up Pc

Clean Up Your Whole PC

PCs are powerful. PC cleaners should be too. With CleanMyPC you
can scan every inch of your PC with just one click. Automatic PC
Cleanup selects only the files that are 100% safe to delete, so
you'll never have to worry about the wrong files being erased.

Remove Caches & Logs on PC Computer

Remove Caches & Logs

Caches are big chunks of prepared data that help your computer
load things more quickly. However, these caches tend to fill up
and eventually do the opposite. Logs record the activity on your
PC for informational purposes. CleanMyPC helps you clean out
these system extras to help revitalize and speed up your PC.

Uninstall programs and software from PC

Completely Uninstall Your Programs

CleanMyPC helps get rid of unwanted apps and their extras. It
completely, and correctly, uninstalls programs you don't need
anymore or those that are no longer compatible with your PC. It
not only removes them and their extra files (caches, preferences,
etc.) but it also identifies leftovers of previously removed PC

Securely Erase Data on PC

Securely Erase Data

CleanMyPC makes sure that when your files are erased, they stay
erased. No more leftover parts and pieces when you get rid of
files. CleanMyPC allows you to remove files and folders beyond
recovery. Erasing for speed? Erase it for good.

After cleaning 1,000,000+ Macs, we’re finally ready to clean your PC.
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Useful Features to Help You Clean Your PC

Full Scan
Scan your PC from top
to bottom with one click
Apps Uninstaller
Do a complete uninstall on
the apps you no longer need
Registry Cleanup
Remove malware and faulty
configurations the easy way
Safe PC Cleanup
Remove only the files that
are 100% safe to delete
Secure Erase
Erase files and leave no
trace of them behind
Simply Clean
Surprisingly simple
and intuitive interface
Trash Maintainer
Erase deleted data on
internal and external drives
Schedule regular cleanings
to keep your PC clean
Clean Your PC
Clean Your PC to Keep it in Perfect Shape
CleanMyPC schedules regular
maintenance checkups and
performs routine fixes and
scans to make sure that your
computer is kept in top shape.
Keep your PC clean and free of
unneeded files.
Clean PC
A Clean PC in a Matter of Minutes
Registry issues, uninstalled
applications' leftovers, and
excess gadgets clutter your
system and slow your
computer down. CleanMyPC
knows what is safe to clean,
fix, and disable to help make
your computer run faster than
PC run faster
A Clean PC Works Like New
It’s no secret that a fresh
Windows installation makes
your PC run faster. As you
install more applications and
use your computer more
frequently over time, your
system slows down.
CleanMyPC can identify and
clean caches, log files, and
other hiccups that slow down
your system.
Speed up pc
Clean Your PC Quickly and Safely
CleanMyPC takes all the
routine tasks off of your
shoulders, allowing you to stay
headache-free. It keeps your
computer clean, organized,
and as fast as it can be.
CleanMyPC takes the
guesswork out of cleaning
your PC.

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Best PC Cleaner

CleanMyPC: The Best Clean
Up PC App

Free up disk space on your PC by performing a detailed system
cleanup that cleans out and organizes old files, applications,
and extensions on your hard drive. Everything you need to
clean your PC in one powerful, easy-to-use PC cleaner.
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