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Clean PC from unneeded files, system junk and application
leftovers. Easy to use yet full-featured Windows Maintenance and Cleaning
solution to clean PC.

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Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7

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“No need to buy new computer just because your old one is sluggish - give it a simple clean with CleanMyPC and you'll be reaping the rewards.” Published on August 15, 2011, by

12.9 GB

have been successfully recovered this time.
Total space recovered: 29.8 GB

Clean PC and Keep it
in Perfect Shape

CleanMyPC runs regular maintenance mechanisms and performs routine checks, fixes and scans to make sure that your computer is being kept in shape, stays fit, clean and free from unneeded files.

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Clean PC
in a matter of minutes

Registry issues, uninstalled applications' leftovers, extra gadgets and components clutter your system and slow your computer down. CleanMyPC knows what is safe to be cleaned, fixed and disabled to help you make your computer run faster than ever.

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Clean PC
Works Like New

It is not a secret that a fresh Windows installation runs significantly faster, but as you install more applications and use your computer on a day to day basis the system slows down. CleanMyPC can identify and clean caches, log files and other issues which slow down your system.

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Clean PC Fast
and Safely

CleanMyPC takes all the routine tasks off of your shoulders ensuring that your computer is clean, healthy and as fast as it can be.

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CleanMyPC Keeps Your Computer Running Right.
Easy to use yet full-featured Windows Maintenance and Cleaning solution.
Clean your computer from unneeded files, system junk and application leftovers.

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