What is the best app uninstaller for Mac?

Users on forums and Apple in support articles state that dragging apps to the Trash is enough to delete them. However, it leaves all sorts of residual files. A sure way to remove them is to use an app uninstaller — a utility automating the process.

    Here is our top 3 list:

    1CleanMyMac X
    Multi-uninstaller that detects unused appsLink
    2HazelAutomated organization of apps and foldersLink
    3AppZapperA lightweight drag & drop uninstaller toolLink

    Best uninstallers for Mac reviewed

    But how to pick which uninstaller to use? Plenty of apps can improve your ability to get rid of junk files, but not all uninstallers are alike. Some uninstallers are a feature of a more comprehensive Mac file manager. Others are designed for only that task.

    It can be hard to choose the one that suits your needs. That’s why we created the ranked roundup of the best Mac uninstallers below:

    1. CleanMyMac X

    CleanMyMac X tops our list of app uninstallers for Mac. This powerful all-in-one utility has a variety of features designed to help get the most out of your computer, including malware protection and speed optimization.

    The app’s Uninstaller module can compete with single-function uninstaller apps. This app is available for free download — so check it out. More than that, it is notarized by Apple, which means it’s safe from malicious files.

    When you first open CleanMyMac X and go to Uninstaller in the sidebar, you will be pleased to find out that it lists all of the apps you have installed on your Mac. It makes the task of uninstalling apps significantly easier since you do not have to browse your Applications folder. You can also arrange lists by the last time you used an app, sort apps by vendors like Adobe, or focus on specific categories, like apps from the App Store.

    All apps selected in the Uninstaller module of CMMX

    When it scans for installed apps, CleanMyMac X automatically locates all the data, caches, and associated files that support each app. It can also find leftover files — those that were not removed when you uninstalled apps manually in the past. Besides, this app calculates how much space an app is taking up, including this extra system junk. 

    You can also reset apps with this program. By resetting, we mean restoring any app to its default settings. It comes in handy when apps are not opening or keep crashing. When you reset an app with CleanMyMac X, it will keep your user-created files intact so you won’t lose your projects.

    In addition to removing app-related files, CleanMyMac X has another great tool that hunts down all junk files quietly sitting there and taking up gigabytes of space — System Junk.

    It finds such files as unnecessary language files, downloads, user cache files, unused disk images, or broken login items, to name just a few. macOS does not need them to run properly. In fact, having lots of junk on your Mac may significantly slow it down. So, when you get rid of this clutter, it may speed up your computer and make it work smoothly.

    Official website
    Price: $39.95/year
    Free trial: available

    An all-round problem fixer for Mac that goes beyond uninstalling apps, and the 7-day free trial version provides unlimited functionalitySome users report that notifications are annoying (they can be turned off, though)
    Comes with a tool for resetting apps that misbehaveNo dark mode that a lot of users love
    Notifies you about app leftovers if you drag any app to Trash Does not have the option to schedule an automatic scan for leftover files

    2. Hazel

    Hazel is another app with the power to get rid of unneeded apps and junk for good. Another tool with a range of possible uses, Hazel lets you create condition-based rules that automate certain actions on your Mac.

    This is useful for file organization, photo naming, archiving, and generally keeping your desktop clean. But this function also shines when you need to get rid of apps for good. 

    Hazel lets you set up special rules for your Trash, ensuring that files don’t sit in the bin for too long and take up space on your drive. You can configure the app to automatically empty your Trash when it reaches a certain size or to toss apps when they get too old. 

    Did you know?

    Hazel’s App Sweep automatically searches for support files when you delete an app and gives you the option to get rid of them as well.

    Hazel’s rule-based interface certainly makes it useful as an app uninstaller, but some may find it a little more complicated to use. It also lacks some features for identifying and comparing unused apps. 

    Official website
    Price: $42 
    Free trial: available

    Comes in handy for file organization, not only app removalRule-based interface can be too complex
    Users can add different rules to keep Mac storage optimizedIf you add too many rules, the app quickly consumes too much RAM
    Rules can produce notifications so nothing remains unnoticedNo import/export features — you cannot copy someone’s rules; you have to add them manually

    3. AppZapper

    With AppZapper, drag and drop is the name of the game. This compact uninstaller lets you pull applications from your drive into its interface and then hunts down all the related support files. It stands out for its simplicity and for the depth of its cleanups.

    You can also consult the Hit List, an automated list of apps with files taking up space on your hard drive. All you do is select the unwanted app and its support files and hit the Zap button to remove them for good.

    Well, almost for good. If the thought of deleting apps permanently makes you nervous, AppZapper has the tool for you. Its “undo” feature lets you unzap files you may have deleted by mistake, reducing the risk that you’ll get rid of something important. 

    AppZapper is simple but thorough. The app can remove:

    • Widgets
    • Plugins
    • Settings
    • Junk files
    • And more

    AppZapper stands out as a straightforward and powerful tool for uninstalling unwanted apps. 

    Official website
    Price: $19.95 
    Free trial: available 

    Has an “undo” feature that lets you restore apps deleted by mistakeThe free trial version is limited to 5 zaps only
    A fun way to uninstall apps due to being based on a drag-and-drop featureDoes not let remove extensions and plug-ins
    Can remove different types of files, not only appsDoes not have the functionality for automatic leftover files detection

    4. AppCleaner

    If you are looking for a little, free app that does nothing but removes apps completely, look no further than AppCleaner — an app uninstaller loved by users on forums. It lists all of the apps installed on your Mac, along with add-ons and widgets. Or you can drop an app from the Applications folder instead of searching for it on the list of all apps. 

    AppCleaner also has a SmartDelete function that notices if you drag an app to the Trash and offers to delete it completely. And the deletion is good — no residual files remain on your Mac after using this uninstaller. Moreover, it is fast and flexible since you can select which files to remove and which to leave, should you need it.

    The only downside of the app is that it focuses on uninstalling only, meaning that users looking for additional functionality, like junk or duplicate files removal, will have to install more apps. And such cleaners usually come with their own uninstallers. 

    Official website
    Price: free
    Free trial
    : not applicable

    Pros Cons
    A free, easy-to-use appA user cannot mass-delete apps with this uninstaller
    Minimalistic app designNo malware removal feature available like in other apps on the list

    Can delete widgets and add-ons

    Does not remove apps protected by the system

    5. App Cleaner & Uninstaller

    App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a full-featured app uninstaller. It stands out for the range of scans and operations it can perform.

    Unlike some of its competitors, which only have a drag-and-drop window or list, App Cleaner & Uninstaller has an extensive interface that clearly organizes its features. This means you can do specific tasks, like managing extensions and startup programs or removing remaining files.

    This uninstaller also outlines all data and files generated by an app and calculates the space it occupies, so you can use it to free up disk space. It also allows you to delete several apps at a time by selecting them from the list of all applications. Conveniently, it will show the space that will be reclaimed after removing apps.

    Official website
    Price: $14.95/year
    Free trial: available

    Lets manage login items and extensionsNo resources for offline support available
    Has features for mass-deletionSome users report that scanning process is long
    The removal of files is complete and thoroughLacks additional features for Mac cleaning

    6. TrashMe

    The name says it all: TrashMe hunts down your junk files, whether they belong to an app or not. This uninstaller for Mac not only gets rid of your unwanted apps and their support files but also seeks out unnecessary duplicates and redundant files, giving you the option to toss them permanently.

    It also cleans out your cache to give you back all the disk space it can. TrashMe can even find and erase incomplete downloads and “orphaned” files, which may not show up on other scans.

    Quick fact:

    TrashMe can find incomplete downloads that waste your disk space.

    With its thorough scanning and deletion features, TrashMe is a great option for completely uninstalling apps. It also offers a high level of control. Instead of emptying the whole Trash bin, TrashMe lets you select which files to delete permanently and which you want to leave in the Trash in case you need them later.

    Users who like its deep searches should also check out CleanMyMac X, which offers fine-tuned detection.

    Official website
    Price: $14.99
    Free trial:

    Can delete all types of unnecessary app-related files, including cache files and leftoversDoes not come with additional Mac cleaning features
    Provides different options for app and file removal: permanent deletion and sending to TrashThere are better alternatives for the same price
    Easy-to-use app known for deep scansUsers report that some leftover files still remain on Mac after app deletion

    7. AppDelete

    AppDelete is another quick and effective single-purpose uninstaller. Like many of its competitors, this app seeks out and eliminates hard-to-find support files and junk data from the apps you delete. These include widgets, screensavers, preference panes, and other files you might not know were taking up room on your Mac. 

    When it comes to tossing out unwanted files, AppDelete stands out for its flexibility. While it can permanently remove files from your hard drive, it also gives you the option to log those files or archive them in a space-saving .zip format. This can help improve your Mac’s performance without permanently losing data.

    Did you know?

    AppDelete has an undo feature that you can use to restore files you deleted by accident. 

    If you’re looking for a simple-to-use app uninstaller, AppDelete is a strong option. Some users might prefer an uninstaller that offers a wider variety of file management functions, but AppDelete does what it does at a high level. 

    For a more comprehensive file manager with comparable uninstall functions, try CleanMyMac X.

    Official website
    Price: varies from $5 to $7.99 based on the version
    Free trial: available

    Can delete numerous types of elements related to apps, including widgets, preference panes, and plug-insDoes not come with additional features — designed solely for uninstalling apps
    Lets you archive apps instead of removing them The trial version is limited — lets about 5 uses of the app
    Has an “undo” feature Some users report the deletion of important files but incomplete removal of apps

    That was our take on the best Mac apps to delete other apps. Now, try them in action and start deleting things — getting rid of old clutter is such a relief! But if uninstallers are not for you, and you prefer manual app removal, check out our comprehensive guide on how to uninstall apps on Mac.

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